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Pakistani Style

The Desi Vibe adds some colour into life. I must say a good Desi or Pakistani outfit creates a slick but pretty look.

I just love wearing a good Pakistani/Indian suit on an occasion.

Pakistani, Indian outfit

The above picture is a Pakistani outfit worn on my cousin’s engagement. The colour is very flattering and pretty.

Wearing an outfit like this introduces colours into life without being offensive because it would be worn by all. It also introduces colour that you may not have worn with an English outfit.

Love the colour, patterns and style of the outfit. There is an array of styles that you can choose from, whether a suit (shalwar Kameez) which consists of a dress and a form of trousers, a saree or a lengha (consisting of a top and long skirt).

I will go through designs and types on further blog posts.

Let me know what outfit you love?