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Flash Products

I have the Flash dust mop and love it. I especially like that there is no lugging a bucket and rinsing a mop around. The Flash mop’s beauty is that you load a wipe up on the mop and just mop and go. The wipe can then be disposed of.

Flash mop

It is packed with a powerful dirt-dissolving solution that picks up hair and dust effortlessly.

Here are the pros of this mop:

  • Trap & lock daily dirt, grease and grime without getting down on your knees
  • 2x thicker & wetter than floor wipes, Wet Cloths dissolve through stubborn dirt & grime
  • Fills your home with a delightful wild orchid scent & leaves floors shiny
  • Speedmop Wet Refills made with 36% natural fibres
  • Packaging made with 75% recycled plastic
  • Recycle used Wet Cloths through Terracycle
  • Safe for use across all hard sealed surfaces
Flash Product

I was luckily enough to be chosen to test a few of their new extensions of this mop. The flash dry wipes*, which pick up dirt and hairs amazingly. Also, these are great for when there is a water spillage to easily mop up the water.

I also had the privilege to use their new dust magnet*, which can be used to dust around the house. These are also handy in small places, as well as nooks and crannies.

You can too try these wonderful products from your local supermarket and can even get special offers with the refills.

* Some of the products were gifted for testing purposes, but the mop was bought by myself.

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  1. I keep seeing these advertised at the moment and really want to get one as they look great and for ease of quickness as well


    I’ve not seen these before. I do love to try new cleaning products. These sound better than floor wipes.

  3. Rhian Westbury says:

    We get a lot of dust around with us and the cats so I need to look into getting something like this. Especially as I hate cleaning and dusting x

  4. I used to have one of these and it was so easy to use, really need to get one again.

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