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Eid 2016 What I Wore

Eid Accessories

Eid is the celebration after 30 days of fasting (Ramadan). It is a time to reflect on the past 30 days, where we as Muslims fast to feel empathy with the poor and we also give to charity because this is what we need to be thankful for.

The best thing about Eid is to see children enjoying themselves and to see their faces light up when opening their presents or when they receive  money. Eid really is for everyone, but made even special when all the family get together and have fun!

Eid also is a day to dress up – come on isn’t that the best thing for any one, especially for the ladies. Getting a new suit is so exciting and can make you feel special, especially when it’s from a loved one.

Here is what I wore. My suit was made of velvet, it was a very thin velvet, so perfect for the light warm weather that we are having now in early July. The outfit was black velvet with brownish patterns and made of a silk. The suit is from Sarah Zaaraz in Tooting and very elegant. The neck is adorned with a simple brooch type jewel that is stitched in consisting of clear stones. It was also a perfect fit which made it very flattering and as it was black it was also slimming to the eye.

Brooch Jewel

With the outfit, I wore a similar necklace that had white stones in it, black stoned bangles and a brown ring. The makeup I paired it with was the following:


Eyes – I used eye shadows from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette.
Eyeliner – From Inglot, as this is the blackest black
Contour and highlight – I used was from the Freedom Pro Strobe and Contour Powder Palette with brush
Lips – Mac Sore lipliner with the Tanya Burr Martha Moo Luxe Lip Gloss

Here are some pictures – I hope you like my outfit too!

Eid Outfit

I also wore my Daniel Footwear shoes, which were a perfect match!


Eid Accessories

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  1. I love seeing Eid outfits, always stunning to look at. I’ve never tried the Too Faced Chocolate palette but I did get the peach one x

  2. What beautiful jewellery. is that the Freedom contour palate? I think its the one I have and its pretty amazing x

  3. annalisanuttall says:

    I really need to get my hands on the Too Faced chocolate palette. xx

  4. Beth @ Twinderelmo says:

    Absolutely stunning dress. Your shoes too are so beautiful – I love the detail. Hope you all enjoyed celebrating x

  5. I LOVE those sandals! They look so comfy but really pretty too – the perfect combination 🙂

    1. afshanesque says:

      Thank you so much for liking my dress and my sandals, they are really like the Valentino rock studs. See my previous article. 🙂

  6. Such a beautiful outfit, I bet the velvet looked lovely on x

  7. The Too Faced Chocolate palette looks great. I love the outfit you chose too 😉

  8. What a lovely outfit, I love velvet x

  9. I’m loving the outfit! That velvet looks incredible. I really like the jewels of that necklace too!

  10. Great to see you using the Chocolate Bar palette. I love Too Faced products xxx

    1. afshanesque says:

      I love Too Faced too, a bit expensive, so need to think.

  11. I love love those sandals. What a great outfit and that Too Faced Palette looks so good… need that!

  12. Eid is a lot of fun, I love getting mendhi although I haven’t for many years. Love the sandals!

    1. afshanesque says:

      Aww, Ana. It’s great that you know about Eid. I love mendhi too. So nice. Yes, shoes look lovely on the feet!

  13. I LOVE those sandals. They are something that I would definitely take on holiday with me.

  14. Love your outfit! I need one of those eye shadow palettes, it looks fab!

    1. afshanesque says:

      Thank you so much for liking my outfit. The palette is really nice too.

  15. Lovely and very classy eye shadow palette. I’m sure you look very beautiful!

  16. I really love the necklace – bet it made a lovely statement x

    1. afshanesque says:

      Thank you for liking the necklace. It is from Primark, so a real bargain!

  17. Beautiful Eid outfit, love your sandals too! I bet it all looked great together! 🙂

  18. Your entire outfit is just beautiful and as for the Too Faced palette, well I dont think words are needed x

    1. afshanesque says:

      Thank you so much for liking my outfit and yes love Too Faced, especially this palette.

  19. This looks like a fabulous outfit I hope you had a fabulous Eid xx

    1. afshanesque says:

      Thank you so much for liking my outfit and for the Eid greetings. I had a lovely time!

  20. What a great pairing! The dress and makeup must have looked amazing in you xx

    1. afshanesque says:

      Thank you so much for liking my dress and makeup. It made a great pairing.

  21. nicol says:

    iv never tried the tanya burr lip products. the colour looks lovely

    1. afshanesque says:

      The new lip stain is great and a good addition to Tanya Burr’s collection. A must try!

  22. Loving your jewellery and the sandals, so cute.

    1. afshanesque says:

      Thank you for loving my out fit and sandals. It means a lot to me.

  23. What a beautiful choice! Tanya Burr is my fave and I love Too Faced 🙂

    1. afshanesque says:

      Thank you Harriet for liking my choices. Love Too Faced too.

  24. You have great style! I need those sandals 🙂

    xoxo, Candice

    1. afshanesque says:

      Thank you for loving my style. It means a lot to me. I love these sandals too, they are a great dupe for the Valentino Rock studs. I have a post on them. They also look great on the feet.

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