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Staycation Beach

We recently went on a staycation in the UK. Basically we needed a break but didn’t want to go abroad because of the risks from Coronovirus. Plus, my mum and dad are shieldingand my mum is due for a major operation, so we didn’t want to take the risk.

The UK has an array of lovely places to visit, but this time I really wanted to visit Cornwall this year. Although my favourite place is the Lake District.

This time we thought we would break up our journey by staying at different places. We were starting our journey from London and the first pit-stop was Devon.

Devon Beach

We left really early, so we could make the most of the day, so went straight to the beach. The first beach we went to was the Hope Cove which was a lovely sandy beach, but it was a bit crowdy, so we didn’t stay for long.

We had a lovely meal at Hope Cove though, as it was midday by the time we got to Devon (South). Who can’t resist a fresh fish and chips at the beach! We decided to have only one portion of fish and chips and a pizza – margarita. I had the most delicious and refreshing berry drink.

We then went onto another beach only half an hour away called the Blackpool Sands and this beach was amazing, I really loved the views to get to it. There was also an outdoor cinema that was showing Disney’s Moana. Fortunately for us this beach was not only spacious but also not so crowded, which meant we could keep our distance. (We were wearing masks, except for the sneaky photo.)

After a few hours at the beaches we drove onto our hotel, which was attached to a hotel and was very spacious. All booking made were through – not sponsored.

The next day we left early again for Cornwall, about 10am. I had pre-booked Trebah Gardens (near Falmouth) which is a lovely garden with great food, gorgeous botanical plants and a beach at the end. Everything was one way, so it was safe. The beach was also traffic lighted so that groups could be managed. This beach was a pebbly one, so not so nice, but worth the visit for sure.

Trebah gardens is well worth a visit. It is ticketed, so do pre-book and you have to come on time, or they say you’ll lose your time-slot. Do visit the site for prices and time-slots. You have to see the gardens to believe it! Some Pictures Above.

There were various covid restrictions to bear in mind when visiting any of the attractions, so please have a look or google the places you want to visit and make sure you don’t need to book. I will go through some places below, of where we missed out due to pre-booking.

We wanted to make the most of the day, so on our way out we visited the Lizard point in Cornwall. The Lizard point is full of numerous white beaches, turquoise seas and nature spots. We visited Kynance Cove. It was truly beautiful. Just beware though it is a trek to get the the beach, but of course so worth it. You’ll definitely need to have good footwear on the walk down.

Kynance cove is exquisite and worth a visit. It is managed by the National Trust so you know it will be an excellent scene. It’s easier going down the hill towards the beach, then it is going back up as it is all up-hill. We found that going the back way, by the outside toilet facilities as it was easier. This way back is better too, as you can see some beautiful flora. The views at the top are to die for.

We had a little swim here and as said before the place was equipped with toilets where you could change and an outside shower. These facilities were a little away from the beach but not too far. It was a lovely sandy beach and clear waters. Lots of seaweed but thankfully no jellyfish.

For the evening we booked another place at the Barrowfield Hotel, where they gave us some brilliantly impressive conjoined rooms, as we were three. The bed, joint bathroom and rooms were enormous and after that big walk at Kynance and Lizard Cove, I was exhausted.

The next day we went to a man made pool called the Bude Sea Pool. We parked up and had to walk through the beach for the pool. It was nice, but the weather this day wasn’t so nice and the pool wasn’t as nice as the pictures. We didn’t go in but encouraged out son too, but even he didnt want to as the water was cold. We then opted for a walk around the beach and rocks and dipped out toes in the water.

We then made out way to Cardiff in the afternoon to break up our journey, so we wouldn’t be too far from London and made the journey more easier for the driver. That night we stayed in a hotel near the town centre.

So the last day we spent sight-seeing Cardiff. We took a bus tour of the city, where there were a few stops. The stops included the Quay, Cardiff Bay and the funfair. We also visited the Castle, which was open for a walk but not for going to any excursions or the castle.

The day sent in Cardiff was lovely too and the weather was brilliant as it was 30 degrees and we were lucky that we were having a heat wave that week on our staycation. We made the journey back before the evening and had time to rest back in London.

When planning a staycation make sure to book in advance. I found that some places were booked as much a 2 weeks if not 3 weeks in advance. I wanted to go to the Tintagel Castle and the Minack Theatre at Porthcurno beach.

The Minack is an open-air theatre, Porthcurno, 4 miles from Land’s End in Cornwall. Shame we couldn’t go to either, as you can get some very Instagrammable picture.

I would have liked to stay longer in Cornwall, so in hindsight, I should have booked a few more days, maybe 2 to do more. I wasn’t gutted though, as we got a lot done in a few days anyway and because of the pre-bookings problem.

Where would you recommend for a staycation in the UK? Did you do that this year or brave enough to go abroad?

I enjoyed out staycation and will be going back to visit soon.

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  1. There is some amazing places to go and visit around the UK. I totally admit that Devon and Cornwall are some of my favourite places to go to.

  2. Rhian westbury says:

    You’re so right about booking in advance, it’s so important so you know you’re able to go where you want to. There are so many stunning places in the UK and Cornwall is high on my to visit list x

  3. I love Devon and Cornwall, some of my favourite places in the UK. Norfolk is somewhere I always suggest people visit as well as East Sussex.

  4. I love a staycation and exploring somewhere new. We’d love to go to Bude and I know my kids would enjoy the sea pool, they are used to the cold water as they are regular lake swimmers. Mich x

  5. What lovely photos and seems like you had a fantastic staycation holiday. Trebah Gardens sounds like a place I would love to visit on my next trip to Cornwall.

  6. I love staycations but the cost of the UK ones often puts me off but Wales now that place I can go anytime, I enjoyed reading this.

  7. It looks like you had an incredible time. These photos show that you don’t need to go abroad too, stunning scenery

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