It is the party season at the moment with Christmas round the corner and New Year Celebrations afoot, what better time to embark on a hair-free solution!

I have always wanted to try an IPL hair removal system ever since I heard they were on the market. Let’s face it, who wants hair on their body!

When I heard that Smooth Skin’s IPL system was one of the best, I was excited to try it.

IPL at home is a cost effective way to tackle hair growth. It is also more private, as it can be done in the comfort of your home.

Before the IPL treatment is used, it is vital to remove the hair using shaving as this will ensure that the hair is not pulled and the hair follicle is cut. This will allow the light to kill the hair. For a lady who is used to waxing, it was really hard to decide what shavers to use and cope with the itchiness of re-growth (don’t worry, this is only an issue in the beginning).

Once the skin is shaved, with no hair. If there is little hairs then you may smell some burning, as the hairs will burn, but this is nothing to worry about, however, this is why it is necessary that the area that is to be treated is hair-free and smooth.

The Smooth Skin Gold uses heat to blast flashes of light onto the skin. The device needs to be placed flat on the skin and when the bars are shown as white then it is ready to use and flash. This is the detect and set feature which detects if your skin tone is suitable (will show red if the skin isn’t suitable or if it is not going to laser properly) and if it shows white power bars either side of the treatment window, then your good to go!

Smooth Skin IPL Laser
Wrong, when the light is red. It won’t work.
Smooth Skin IPL Laser

Right, when the lights are white, it is ready to use.

There are two methods depending on the area you are tackling. For example, a bigger area like your legs you would use the glide mode, where you would use the light on an area at a time.

There is also a stamp method for the arm area or a smaller area.

There is also a gentle mode (a feather button) which is for the more sensitive of us. I used this the first time I used the device and you can’t feel much. It is a sure good way to start off the treatment.

Smooth Skin recommend using the IPL treatment once a week for 12 weeks and then once a month. I have used it 4 times so far, have seen a big difference and my skin is feeling a lot smoother for longer.

I would definitely recommend it, especially for party season and it is definitely better as you don’t have to worry about hair on special occasions or on a holiday. It really takes away the hassle of hair and the party season.

The Smooth Skin Gold retails at £299, but at the moment it is on offer from £249 on their site – get it here!

Would you try it?

Smooth Skin IPL Laser


  1. The price doesn’t seem too bad and if it offers smooth skin. I am all for it! I’ll have to research more about this brand and product

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