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Eid and May

Eid Mendhi Henna

May has been a sheltered month. I am thankful that things have been busy and full of work.

It’s also been a month of fasting and Ramadan. Unlike other Ramadan’s, lockdown has made it easier to be with family and having the time that would be spent travelling to pray and more time to think.

I have rather enjoyed Ramadan this year and felt that I could rest and had more time to contemplate what to make to eat to open my fasts.

I work in online marketing and place Facebook ads. So April and May have been excellent for online sales and therefore I have been busy placing lots of ads for our products. I was really surprised that people would buy at this turbulent times, but I guess people who have money have been buying. Also, some must be bored, so have a tendency to buy. Either way it has benefited some companies and keeps the economy going.

I have enjoyed this Ramadan and have made many dishes – some of which I will add below:

Let me know what you like the look of and I will do a blog post with the recipe.

Eid was different this year, as we could not see family, as my mum and dad are old and are on high risk. So we visited them and talk outside.

We had a good time nonetheless. The fact that my family were well was enough. Unfortunately, my mum had been in hospital, but not coronovirus related. Thankfully, she was at home in time for Eid, our celebration after the month of fasting.

We had a BBQ later and had a little dress up and I put some henna or mendhi on my hands (See below).

It’s a very odd time, but I must say I am enjoying working from home. It is great for flexibility and for women, who were refused before lockdown to be able to work from home. I think employers need to be flexible and trust in their employees. This virus has definitely forced some employers hands. I am looking forward to legal employment changes.

My Eid look and makeup was fun to choose. Eid makeup. I used a few new makeup products that I loved and can recommend. @tartecosmetics #shapetapeconcealer in 36s medium-tan sand and the @morphebrushes #continoussettingmist. The foundation I used was @Lancôme Teint Idole and I finished the look off by wearing #magneticlashes by @magnetise_official (application is so much easier).  

Eid Makeup

My outfit was very colourful, like spring. I went for a different look – the sleeves were puffy with lots of embroidery. We traditionally wear trousers underneath and a scarf, also called a dupatta.

Eid Outfit

I absolutely love putting on henna and putting out my Eid decorations to spruce up the place.

How did you spend Eid or May?

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  1. The dishes you have made look absolutely delicious! Glad you enjoyed this period 🙂

  2. sriches says:

    Awww you look gorgeous and the henna is so beautiful! I am so glad you had an easier time with Ramadan this year being home-based! I am getting used to this way of life now, it’s rather odd! Sim – Sim’s Life x

  3. I’m glad you were able to enjoy Ramadan and Eid with your family, despite the lockdown 🙂


    It’s great to hear that online sales have been good for you during April and May. I enjoy working from home too it is so much easier although I’ve been working form home for years.

  5. Looks like you had a lovely eid and ramadan celebration. Loving your look and all the drinks and food looks so inviting. Glad you got more time to spend with your family this year.

  6. I am glad you got to enjoy some of Eid and Ramadan, it must have been a very different way to celebrate this year for everyone.

    I know I’ve been bored and spending money – it’s not a good thing haha! But I am sure a lot of people are doing the same.

  7. whatthedadsaid says:

    It sounds like you still had a good couple of months even with everything going on and able to celebrate and have a make the most of what you could,great post.

  8. Rhian westbury says:

    Your henna is stunning and I love your outfit, I’m glad you managed to still enjoy the special day even though it wasn’t how you would normally celebrate x

  9. ChelseaMamma says:

    Glad to hear that you have enjoyed Eid this year, I can only imagine the pain that missing Christmas and the family visits would bring for us

  10. Your Eid makeup was beautiful! It must have felt very different not to be celebrating with your family. Glad to hear they are well now x

  11. I’m so pleased you managed to make the most of Ramadan and Eid, despite being away from family & other loved ones.

  12. Your Eid makeup looks so pretty, I love the sparkles! The Henna looks great too.

  13. Glad you had a nice Eid! Your henna looks really good. Must have been so hard not to see the family and go to the mosque. One to definitely remember

  14. Very late Eid Mubarak!

    Spent it at home not seeing family or friends which was sad but what upset me was the fact people were visiting relatives from all over the country and not shielding them or keeping to social distancing.

    It’s frustrating when that happens and you’re choosing to value your health!

    You look fabulous Mashallah and love the Henna!

  15. Melanie says:

    Aw I am so glad that you clearly made the most of the situation and got to celebrate. Your Eid makeup looks lovely x

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