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There is a fine line between what we want and what we need. These rules also apply to beauty. We all would love a luxurious cream that would cure all our skincare woes. Luxury skincare may make us feel good but the reality is that what we desire is not always what we need or that the retail high just might be a cost that we just can’t justify (Or do and shouldn’t).

Is it the desire to have perfect skin or is it just the buy in to good marketing?

Skincare remedies

So here’s where comes in the home remedies that are easy to make yourself and way more affordable. Beating shop bought skincare any time (just have to make the time).

Firstly I’ll start with the remedies that have double benefits with not only providing great benefit but also tasting great too!

Drink (blend) the juice of 1 beetroot, 1 carrot and a small piece of ginger together and enjoy it every day for one or two weeks and see the benefits! It makes minor blemishes disappear leaving an overall good complexion. This is even better when taken a few weeks before a special occasion such as a party or wedding, paving the way to flawless skin, ready for a night or day out.

Another great remedy for skin is to mix equal parts of Glycerine, honey and lemon or rosewater and apply it overnight and wash off in the morning. (Whether you use lemon or rosewater the benefits are the same). This remedy will leave your face feeling smooth and soft to the touch.

There are others that are as equally as good like using olive oil to remove eye make up. Vaseline applied to the eyelashes at night making them longer and thicker. Honey and brown sugar is also great for use as a body scrub or for wiping away the dry skin from chapped lips.

Grandma Tips

Here’s another great tip and remedy straight from my grandmother – and she swears by it!
Mix gram flour (A yellow powder used for making/cooking pakoras or also known as Bajiyas, can mainly be found in Asian shops) this mixed with yoghurt; when applied once a week to keep the wrinkles away!

How I maintain my skincare

I often get complements about my skin and how young I look than my years. I find simplicity is the best remedy. The trick for me is to drink lots of water to cleanse my body and skin. Personally I have experienced the benefits of the above remedies and haven’t had to rely on expensive creams. I can say that I am lucky and so is my purse!

The question is?

When should we make an exception to the rule? Making the time to use homemade skincare has its benefits. The question is: Do we really need luxury skincare in our lives? Or is the pull of some retail therapy or the woo of the sales pitch really too much for us to handle? Is the power of persuasion, marketing and social media just too great!

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