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I was lucky enough to be sent these beautiful earrings/hoops from Carat London. They are the Amaia medium hoops 18K gold vermeil.

Carat London offer precious jewellery from earrings, necklaces, pendants to rings. They also offer semi precious, precious to diamonds. They also offer lab grown diamonds – from the finest alternatives to mined gemstones. 

The hoops made from 18K gold vermeil which is of excellent quality. The metal lasts for a long time and retains it’s shine (I have many pieces). The shine on each of the stones is spectacular and striking. The sparkly stones can be seen at the back of the earring too which make them that more special.

Hoops are all the rage at the moment and have made a big comeback. You can see the famous stars as well as big Youtubers sporting them.

These Jewellery pieces are perfect for Valentines or even Mother’s Day. Carat London have keepsakes for all from family, friends to your loved ones. So you can choose the perfect gift for anyone and even oneself – go on treat yourself!

The hoops are a lovely size too and will be perfect for any occasion. I can wear it with dresses, casual or formal or even on a special night out. The fastening is also unusual and very secure.

I love my hoops and am very grateful to Carat London as they are absolutely luxe and beautiful! I love them so much that I have a few more pieces on my list, as the Calluna white gold plated bracelet, the Gala White Gold Plated Drop Earrings, the Nysa-drop earrings or the Betsy ring.

I highly recommend taking a look at the Carat London pieces. They also have an amazing sale at the moment – so do check it out – click here!

I also adore their huggies and there is a lovely and informative blog post from then –  ‘what is a huggie earring‘? (Click link to read it!

See more close up pics. 🙂 Would highly recommend you check them out!

* This was a gift and my honest opinion.

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