The Ultimate Sewing Machine Mastery

The Ultimate Sewing Machine Mastery is a book I am about to review and it is fantastic for those who both want to get into sewing and those who already know how to sew.

It is tips from a female engineer aka Katie Matthews for flawless stitches. (An excellent one )

The book is quite succinct and consists on 17 chapters. From getting to know your sewing machine to stitches and even starting a new project.

I love how the book is written and the pictures demonstrating stitches, equipment and adding colour to well written information.

For me the chapter getting to know your machine is the best. The picture explaining the basic anatomy of a sewing machine is so useful. It can demonstrate how to thread the sewing machine which can often be the first hurdle when sewing.

The top tips are are my faves about the book. Katie has some excellent tips for the sewing enthusiast or sewing novice.

Here’s an example of a top tip that I appreciate:

The Ultimate Sewing Machine Mastery

The types of stitches are covered with some very pretty ones too.

The ins and outs of the machine is covered, even the types of needles to the feet types and bobbin care.

The best thing I like about the book is that it’s not just informative but also fun. I didn’t know all these facts about the sewing machine.

Katie has tried to demystify the art of the sewing machine. Whatever type of machine you have there is a solution covered by the book.

She even outlines the basic maintenance kit to clean your machine, as well as tips when buying a machine online, which can be very daunting.

I highly recommend this book for those who like to sew or who want to get into sewing.

To summarise, the book is very informative, short and sweet with fabulous illustrations.

I am looking forward to getting back into sewing after a long break. I have sewn a whole outfit, but I must admit I have forgotten. Reading the book has got my passion back and I am going to start by adjusting the length of a recently bought trousers.

You can buy this wonderful sewing machine book here >

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