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No Eid is without it’s little extras.  The outfit and accessories – which I will blog about another day! Of course there are also the extras, like the makeup and beautifying products. Here are a few that I have recently purchased.

So I recently added a few make-up items to my collection, partly due to Eid and partly as there is a wedding coming up.

I was umming and ahing for a long time on whether to get the Soar lipliner from Mac, made famous by Kylie.  I did decide to get it, call it a sneaky Eid purchase, if you will.  I also got Velvet Teddy from Mac in the same order.

Debenhams were doing 10% discount off beauty and the deal was just to good to resist. Within that order I also wanted the Aqua Lip liner from Makeup Forever. Unfortunately, my Makeup Forever lipliner didn’t come through as the site wasn’t updated and it had sold out. I was thoroughly disappointed, but, I did order it the next time Debenhams had a 10% off. LOL, but alas they sneakily omitted both Mac and Makeup Forever from the discount.

Makeup Forever is a Paris based brand that has some amazing products.  The foundation and powders have rave reviews. Note though that Makeup Forever is only sold in the Oxford Street branch if you wanted to sample the makeup upfront. This particular Aqua colour of lip pencil is worn by Huda Beauty and I must say that it looks so good on her.  However, when I tried it, it didn’t look as good. More darker pink than the light pink I wanted it to be.  Perhaps I need to blot my lips with foundation first.  The colour of the lip liner is 2c, for those who want to know.

I also heard so much hype and good things about Mary Lou Minizer, so I thought it would be good to use on Eid and at weddings.  It is a great highlighter and I am very pleased with I bought it.  I bought mine from Birchbox where you can get some great brands!

I am looking forward to using my new purchases on Eid! What are you looking forward to?



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