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SmoothSkin Muse

Spring is upon us and hopefully the weather is changing to warmer days when one can wear more summery clothing. Long days mean getting those hair-free legs out even if it’s just the ankles or in shorter sleeves.

I am an advocate of having an easy life when it comes to hair removal, so when I got to try the SmoothSkin Gold IPL system I was more than hooked. Who wouldn’t want to get rid of those stubble legs? LOL.

SmoothSkin Muse

SmoothSkin were the first to discover how light can be used for hair removal. Being at the forefront of IPL, SmoothSkin launched the most powerful device in 2014 with SmoothSkin Gold (which I have used successfully).

Dalloway Terrace

When I was lucky enough to be invited to the breakfast launch of the new SmoothSkin Muse, I jumped at the chance. Bonus being that it was also being hosted at the Dalloway Terrace which is a very lovely and Instagrammable cafe.

Breakfast was delightful – fresh juice, fresh fruit and avocado on toast. Who doesn’t like avocado on toast? I was also excited about hearing about the new SmoothSkin Muse. What more could a lady ask for!

Breakfast with SmoothSkin at the Dalloway Terrace

Breakfast with SmoothSkin at the Dalloway Terrace

Breakfast with SmoothSkin at the Dalloway Terrace

There are a few revolutionary aspects of the new Muse:

  • It has unlimited flashes (This is one of the market-firsts) – so no need to get any other devices
  • It is made in the UK
  • It doesn’t hurt too much (depending on the individual) and includes a gentle mode for those who may feel the pain
  • Use it for 12 weeks, then the hair follicles gets weaker and weaker, meaning fewer hairs grow back
  • Adapts to your skin giving you a more bespoke treatment
  • Built in UV filter to prevent skin damage

Breakfast with SmoothSkin at the Dalloway Terrace

I am very thankful to be able to use the SmoothSkin products and can highly recommend them. Not only is it fabulous with hair removal, but also on the pocket.

So in conclusion – SmoothSkin Muse is developed by IPL experts and is endorsed by dermatologists, and 96% of women who tried it would recommend the product to their friends!

Breakfast with SmoothSkin at the Dalloway Terrace

Breakfast with SmoothSkin at the Dalloway Terrace

Breakfast with SmoothSkin at the Dalloway Terrace

SmoothSkin Muse is available now from Boots and for £399 and will be launching at and John Lewis in April.

(10) Comments

  1. rhianwestbury says:

    I have a laser tool so I really need to do my legs too as they’re starting to get a little unruly x

  2. the event and restaurant looks amazing. But I like the sound of the gadget too – anything to reduce the need to shave as often for summer!

  3. The event looks so classy and the gadget would be something I’d get if i wasn’t already getting laser hair removal haha

  4. Nice to see it’s a UK product. The gentle mode for those that feel pain is a great idea. You’re right he cafe was very instagrammable.

  5. This looks like a lovely venue where the event was. Fingers crossed for summer dress weather soon x

  6. countryheartdeb says:

    The whole event looks beautiful. I love the idea of this and would definitely try it as long as it wasn’t too painful

  7. Gosh that avocado toast looks delicious! What a super event to attend! Sounds like a great brand too!

  8. A pretty hefty price tag but the SmoothSkin does sound good! My mummy might need it soon x

  9. Aha I definitely love avocado toast and I love the idea of getting my legs smoother and non- hairier for longer. Especially as my hair grows back so quickly too !

  10. Jess says:

    I’ve never tried anything like this but I’m all about supporting made in the UK! Honestly I’d give this a go because I bloody have shaving and booking a wax appointment in Manchester center out of office hours is honestly like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

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