The unforgettable sights to discover when travelling Europe

Matterhorn, Switzerland

There’s absolutely no denying Europe is full to the brim with incredible things to see and do throughout. With that being said, it might be hard to determine the places you want to visit – let us make that easier. Here’s just a small selection of the unforgettable sights to discover when travelling Europe.

Castelo dos Mouros, Portugal

Sintra in Portugal is recommended by the Secret Traveller as one of Europe’s best destinations for a road trip, but it’s the Castelo dos Mouros you really should be travelling to. The ‘Castle of the Moors’ is a medieval castle hidden in the hilltops away from major attention and – most importantly – tourism.

Although it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Castelo dos Mouros is void of major visitation from travellers, meaning you’re free to explore the wondrous ruins to your heart’s content. An added bonus is the surrounding panorama of Sintra at the bottom of the hill – it’s a truly magical part of Portugal that many aren’t even aware of.

La Sagrada Familia, Spain

This cathedral has long been a staple of sightseeing in Barcelona (and Spain as a whole), with its intricately detailed exterior always sporting cranes finishing the construction. It’s been a long time coming – 135 years, to be exact, with several more to go – but the interior of La Sagrada Familia is open for visitors to explore.

Head inside the grand building to discover beautiful architecture throughout – the ceilings are a true highlight, with their unusual designs letting in natural sunlight through their peculiar patterns. It’s an unmissable sight whether you want to see it or not, as it dominates the Barcelona skyline with rightful authority.

The Matterhorn, Switzerland

There’s something extremely peculiar about the Matterhorn – this mountain stands solitary, its peak made even more striking by how nearly perfect it is. However, climbing it is tricky. Rising to a height of nearly 15,000 feet, making it one of the tallest mountains in the world, it’s recommended for only the experienced climbers – people have died trying to tackle it in the past.

Matterhorn, Switzerland

It’s probably for the best you view the mountain from the ground, instead. It’s still just as wondrous, and the pictures you get will no doubt be Instagram-worthy.

The Colosseum, Italy

Although it’s an evident tourist attraction, Rome’s Colosseum has not lost any of its appeal or charm – it’s still as incredible as ever, especially if you’re seeing it for the first time. Recently the underground walkways have been opened up to visitors, meaning you can walk the same trails as the gladiators once did as they prepared for battle.

There’s an abundance of things to see and do in Rome, but the Colosseum is arguably the best of them all. Steeped in history and of an evident importance to the current culture of the city, you simply cannot miss it when you’re passing through.

Versailles, France

The luxury and majesty of Versailles still lingers despite the tourists passing through it every day. Surrounded by manicured gardens and gorgeous fountains, the palace is ready for you to explore and discover a regal setting stopped in time, once being the home of the French monarchy.

There are plenty of sights to discover in Versailles, but the Hall of Mirrors – described as “probably the most famous room in the Palace of Versaille” –
is a highlight between those who visit. The panels are draped in gold and white detailing, only furthering the feel of power and royalty that bleeds rich throughout the palace.

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  1. Some great places here. Next year i’m going to do even more travelling and a lot of it will be around Europe

  2. Matterhorn is definitely on my list, although my fella is into his mountain climbing so I might have to battle being dragged up with him. Definitely no place for a novice! A friend of mine just got back from Italy and unfortunately mentioned how the Colosseum was over-run and rammed with tourists which is a shame.

  3. This sound like some absolutely amazing places to get to explore in Europe, I would love to get to travel more and I will have to keep these places in mind.

  4. Though I have been to all of these countries I am yet to explore any of these areas but I will be hitting up Barcelona next month and I am excited

  5. Some beautiful places mentioned there – I cannot wait to go on another holiday! The urge to explore EVERYWHERE is too much excitement for me!

  6. What a super collection of travel destinations. I’ve not yet seen/visited any of them – one day!

  7. The Colosseum is actually the only one of these places I’ve visited, I better get a move on x

  8. I haven’t been to any of these place- I need to get travelling! I love the mix between culture and nature that you have on the list.

  9. I’m heading to Portugal soon so thanks for the mention of the castelo

  10. We traveled lots to Europe when I was a child and I have some amazing memories, we are now doing it with our own kids. There are some fabulous places to visit there 🙂

  11. Some fantastic sights to visit in Europe, The Colosseum really is incredible 🙂

  12. Europe is indeed full of wonders and marvels. I imagine seeing the Matterhorn up close and personal is breath taking. I visted Switzlerland many moons ago, and was just amazed at the size of the mountains.

  13. The Colosseum is on my bucket list, I really want to go in the next couple of years and see all of Italy!

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