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Eid Get Ready and Celebrate With Me

Eid Table Decorations

First of all, Eid Mubarak to all my followers. I hope everyone is celebrating with their families and having a good time!

Festivals can be a really great opportunity to celebrate with the family and a time to dress up! It’s also the time to wear your favourite makeup and outfit to look your very best.

This year however, I was at work on the Friday where my Eid outfit was a Kurta (top) and jeans. I bought my Kurta from Hali.H in Tooting, which is very local and perfect to pick up a nice outfit on the go.

Kurta from Hali.H

The Kurta was very on trend with a colourful design and tassels, with different coloured tassels that is, so perfect as tassel earrings too are in at the moment and so there is scope for many colour combinations. I bought the earrings below which looked on par as they matched the base of the Kurta.

Tassell Earrings from The Joy Store


Tassell Earrings from The Joy Store

The makeup I wore on the day was from a Tanya Burr Fairytale palette that I got for just a £1, as it was to be discontinued. I used similar colours to the top, so it was a cream wash on the lid, beige on the crease and a bit of the grey mixed with the black on the outer corner. I must admit the colour payoff wasn’t that great, but mixed with a wet spray they would be better, however, as I was at work, it was suitable for me.

Tanya Burr Fairytale Palette

Tanya Burr Eyeshadow

I used my new Deciem foundation, which was the perfect colour for my olive brown skin. Plus the usual suspects of eyeliner, mascara and lipstick.

The next day was my real Eid day, as this Eid lasts three days and hooray as it was the weekend. We had a barbecue that day and the weather was luckily sunny.

Eid Outfit

Here are some pictures which are very colourful. The party bags this time was also because it was my son’s birthday too, a couple of days before.

Eid Table Display

Eid Table Decorations

Eid Table Decorations

I added my chip cup, a rose gold lamp and flowers! The flowers looked lovely in a milk bottle and a week on they are still in bloom! Hope you like my table!

Eid Party Table

How was your Eid?

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  1. It sounds like you had a lovely Eid, your outfit looks lovely and the earrings in particular are really nice.

  2. Oh how lovely! It sounds like you had a great Eid, I love your outfit and the flowers too!

  3. Sounds like you had a great Eid and you looked lovely!

  4. You had a great Eid. I like that makeup palette you have

  5. How lovely and everything looks so colourful – I love the flowers!!

  6. So glad you had a great time. I love your dress x

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful celebration.. Love your Kurta…looks lovely :)x

  8. Love the earrings, they are lovely! And oh my goodness you have a Chip cup! 😉

  9. Sounds like you had a lovely Eid. I’m jealous of your chip cup, where is he from?

    1. afshanesque says:

      Hi, it’s from Primark and £5

  10. Happy Eid to you and your family, hope you have a great time! Your outfit is lovely! xxx

  11. Happy Eid to you! Sounds like a wonder celebration 🙂 love the chip cup!

  12. I loved the table and especially the cup. I cannot remember which cartoon it was from though 🙂

  13. Looks like you had a great time celebrating! I love your outfits x

  14. Hope you had a Happy Eid, it looks like you did! The outfits were lovely and the table is so colourful! x

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