2017 Favourites – Beauty, Skincare and Fashion

2017 Favourites

The skincare I am loving is hands down the Bellevue of London night creme, that I use daily and nightly, as it is thick enough to make my skin non-drying. The eye gel and the serum is also great and I will be doing a dedicated post of how much I love the products from this range.

More Skincare:

2017 Favourites

Evolve Raw Cacao & Coconut Radiant Glow Mask is my favourite mask by far. It also doubles up as a scrub as it has raw coconut, but the glow is really noticeable after the mask has come off. I also like their Evolve Hyaluronic Serum 200.

Emma Hardy Moringa Cleansing Balm has been essential for the taking off of my eye makeup, as I wear Eyeliner and mascara everyday. It also smells amazing.

The La Roche-Posay Serozinc toner is also a cult classic and I love to use it after cleansing.

I love the Aroma Theraphy Associates candle, I light it up now and again when I want to relax and enjoy the serenity. The bath oils from Aroma Theraphy Associates are also to die for! My son loves them too. So relaxing in the bath and they smell devine.

2017 Favourites Aroma Therapy Associates Candle


Smoothskin IPL is a must and it has meant I have stayed hair-free which is such a stress reliever! I don’t know what I used to do without this in my life, it is definitely a must-have and a true saviour!

2017 Favourites Smooth Skin IPL Laser


2017 Favourites

My greatest favourite has lasted me years and it has been my eye saviour – The Kat Von D Tattoo liner is absolutely amazing, it lasts forever and best of all once on, it doesn’t budge or smudge. Unfortunately, the eyeliner ran out this year and I have tried a few more, but they smudge all over my eyes and not as good.

I am loving the Rimmel Stay Matte liquid lipstick in Pink Bliss 100. It is a light pink, when I first apply it, it looks quite pale, but as it sits on the lips for a bit, it brightens my complexion up and gives my lips a pink glow. The formula also lasts a couple of hours. I do need to re-apply by lunchtime.

I also love the Smashbox Always On Matte liquid lipstick is also a firm favourite and the formula is also comfortable on the lips and lasts, even when eating food.

The foundation that I have loved has been one that doesn’t cost much (5.90), but is a great foundation that leaves my skin even toned and is ideal for every day wear. Too be honest, I have never found a foundation that has wowed me. So, I was pleasantly surprised that The Ordinary coverage foundation was a perfect match for my skin and didn’t break me out. It’s also good in photos. The shade best suited for me is 2.1Y.

I also like the Charlotte Tilbury concealer, not only is it a good brightening concealer but also can be used for foundation coverage, so a top recommend.

The blusher I love is the Glossier cloud paint in Beam. The main reason I love it, is that it is a liquid form, rather than powder, so it blends well and makes my face beam! (Don’t mind the pun. LOL).

The Mascara I have loved this year is the L’Oreal False lash sculpt which keeps the lashes so long and the non-clumpy Extended Play Lash Mascara for the lower lashes and for overall separation of the lashes.

Have also been loving the spectrum makeup brushes, so unicorn and fun to use. The
Blank Canvas Cosmetics F01 Quick Brush is also best to use with foundation and is also Vegan.

2017 Favourites


My Aldo Bag had been my favourite Fashion accessory this year. You can see it featured on my Instagram and have had a lot of love for this bag.

Recent purchase, but I love it – River Island bag. It gives me a Dior bag vibe and I love the colour.

2017 Favourites

Hope you enjoyed my 2017 favourites? What were yours?

2017 Favourites

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  1. The kat von d tattoo liner is one of my favourites too. I became obsessed with the zoeva rose golden palette last year too x

  2. Smoothskin IPL looks great – I really hate shaving and it’s such a hassle. I’m really tempted to treat myself.

  3. The amount I’m trying to resist going out and buying a bunch of products now! amazing post!

  4. Joanna Davis says:

    It’s great that they do IPL devices for home as well. I have done the treatment in a clinic and indeed, what a difference does it make!

  5. What a fantastic round up of items, I have to admit I love the sound of the IPL I am going to have to click over to your review and read it as I’m such a lazy shaver.

  6. Oh wow such a great range of products. The bath oils and mask sound great to me. Bet both smelt great.

  7. I swear by La Roche Posay products, they are brilliant for my sensitive skin

  8. Wow plenty of products here, would love to sample a few of these. I love Kat Von D Liner I swear by it

  9. A great selection of products here and we like the sound of the Aroma Therapy Associates candles x

  10. What a greats election of products. i adore the Emma Hardy balm. Balms are my go to product for washing the day away, plus they leave my skin feeling amazing

  11. oh do love the look of this regime and i need to try better with my own

  12. Dannii says:

    I am going to have to give that face mask a try. I love anything with coconut and my skin reacts really well to it.

  13. I use the Kat Von D foundation which is the best I’ve ever used, so I can imagine the tattoo liner would be brilliant too! I tend to stick to my favourite brand and not change much, but I will be trying that liner

  14. leahxl says:

    These are great favourites. I got some spectrum brushes recently and love them. I have yet to try any glossier but hoping to do so in 2018.

  15. I’ve seen Glossier on so many people’s instagram feeds so I’m really keen to try it for myself!

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