Ode to the 90’s and Spice Girl’s

Ode to the 90's

The 90’s for me conjures up such memories. I was in my 20’s back then, so you couldn’t say I was very young. The thought of the 90’s takes me back to the grunge look with baggy jeans (often ripped, but I didn’t sport that style) and polka dot shirts, but saying that again only confirms that fashion does go full circle indeed.

My love of the 90’s music is somewhat hidden now a days but I can still say if I get the chance I can just boogie to those nostalgic tunes such as Say you’ll be there by the Spice Girls (girlie vibes), killing me softly but the Fugees, or even Madonna.

You can also find this video in the link by: Clicking Here >

Did you know that the Spice Girls have teamed up with Walkers Crisps (my favourite brand of Crisps, especially the cheese and onion flavour! – Yum it’s making me want a pack.)

The 90’s also brought the most insanely re-watchable movies like Clueless. It was a somewhat naughty but nice movie. Who can forget Clueless with it being the ultimate girlie movie and the fashion trends that would live on in movies and shows for years to come? Another favourite track was ‘All That She Wants from Ace of Bass.

And who can forget Titanic, it was the movie of the 90’s, so epic. You couldn’t help but fall in love with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. That has to be the most iconic movie to date.

Let’s get back to Spice Girls; they are having a reunion this year and who is going? Unfortunately, I can’t but will look forward to any sort of TV coverage and the ad is just too good!

Just goes to show how it’s hard to share a bag of Walkers and hilarious that the Biggest Spice Girls fan wasn’t willing to share his and forfeited being a VIP at their concert! Now would any of you do that? I certainly would think hard, LOL. In all honesty I would love to be a VIP guest with the Spice Girls. It would be a dream come true.

I must admit from a Marketing perspective this advert is really ingenious, enough to make anyone smile.
To join in with the discussion use the hashtag – #MustBeWalkers

The super search continues for the Best Ever Spice Girls Fan Challenge – will it be you?

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  1. Louise Joy says:

    I saw this advert yesterday and although it was corny, it did make me laugh x

  2. I saw the ad last night and thought it was fun. I was in my early twenties by the time the Spice Girls were about but I still loved them. Mich x

  3. The Spice Girls are great. They celebrate being different. This is a fun advert for sure

  4. Stephen Shawcross says:

    I am seeing this advert everywhere, so I have definitely now seen it. I was more Indie/Hard Rock than pop in the 90’s but it seems the Spice Girls have made quite the comback!

  5. rhianwestbury says:

    I loved the Spice Girls as a kids and was so happy to see them in the late 00’s when they reunited the first time x

  6. I just saw this ad this morning! So many memories! Love the crisps too haha

  7. I remember the original ads with the Spice Girls from when I was a kid – I love that they’re collaborating again! x

  8. Rebecca Smith says:

    I’m still a big fan of nineties music – especially the Spice Girls! I loved the advert, perfect partnership!

  9. I love the advert! I was also a huge fan of the Spice Girls back in the 90s.

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