I can’t believe that I have been shortlisted for an award! I am still in shock, pleasantly surprised and feel the need to pinch myself. I am really feeling blessed and excited to have been chosen as a finalist. I have been shortlisted for the Beauty Influencer Award in the category of Beauty for Women of Colour sponsored by Asiana Magazine. I know it is a title an a half, but I am feeling so privileged and elated about having been shortlisted!

I have been an avid reader and fan of the Asiana Magazine for many years and it feels so surreal at being awarded an accolade by them, even if it is a nomination at this stage. I just absolutely love what the magazine represents and how it showcases Asian life, whether it be bridal, life issues and/or fashion.

The magazine is an inspiration in the realm of fashion and features outfits that every bride can only dream of. The magazine paves the way for anyone to find a bridal outfit that you can one day step into or where any aspiring bride can find their perfect outfit. I have often taken a design from the magazine and sort out a similar piece or have designed something similar at a fraction of the price. Shush. hehe.

I am really thankful to all those who are my avid readers and followers and ask for another favour. Please can you all vote for me! It only takes a few minutes, I promise 🙂

All you have to do is click here, add your first name, last name and the category below:
Beauty for Women of Colour sponsored by Asiana Magazine.

Vote: Afshan Nasim – afshanesque

Thank you! It will mean the world to me!

Still can’t believe it, as I have been nominated with some great bloggers, so feel blessed. Good luck to all and fingers crossed. xx

NGBIA FINALIST Best for Women of Colour

Voting closes 28th August. I will appreciate your vote and duas (prayers).


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