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Hi all, this post is long awaited and part 3 of my Pakistani articles.

I went to Pakistan in February and wrote about mendhi or Henna in article 2 and in article 1, I wrote about Pakistan, weddings and its culture.

This article is dedicated to Pakistani clothing and its beauty.  The outfits and dresses that are made in Pakistan can be elegant and vibrant – in some instances very extravagant. The outfits are intricate, sometimes embroidered or embellished with the most amazing sequins. Breathtaking comes to mind. It really depends on the look, colour and fabric. The more designer, the more beautiful. In most cases, the more expensive too!

There is a lot of variety in Pakistan and you can browse designs in the shops. You can also check out designs on the internet. If you really want to save money and not spend too much, its best to get the outfit designed locally, which is bespoke as such but can be a copy of whatever design you want. So you don’t have to spend the designer money as it were.

I saw some beautiful outfits while browsing on the internet.  So there were choices to be made. I came up with a few outfits that I would like to be made and sent them to my sister-in-law who was out there in Pakistan. She also sent me a few to choose from. Incidentally, she chose the ones that got made in the end. Basically, it was a risk, because I wasn’t there, but my sister-in-law did a great job, in choice, the design and the cloth that she choose and I must say that the outfit was really like the one in the picture.

It’s always fun dressing up, especially for a wedding and if it is a close one, than the more better. I wore the dress at the wedding and I got a lot of compliments for it. The colour of the original was orange, but I chose to have the dress made in a sea green colour and I must say I love it!

I got another one also made, but as I haven’t worn this yet. I will wait to reveal it!

Here are the pictures!

The original –

Orange suit


And here is mine – (I’m not as slim as the lady in the photo) ha ha.


My suit

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  1. Some absolutely beautiful outfits here. We live in an area with a huge pakistani community, and the shops are full of the most beautiful and elaborate fabric and designs.

    1. afshanesque says:

      Thank you for liking my outfit. There are some amazing dresses in the shops and it’s great that outfits are accessible here in the UK too, but more expensive.

  2. What I absolutely love are the bright vibrant colours, just so beautiful x

    1. afshanesque says:

      Yes, the colours are amazing!

  3. So pretty, I always love how bright and bold Pakistani outfits are! x

    1. afshanesque says:

      Thank you.

  4. The colours and styles are so beautiful. I always think the outfits look so graceful. Beautiful.

    1. afshanesque says:

      Thank you. Yes, Pakistani outfits can be a dream and make one look special!

  5. I love these outfits! I also wrote a post with Pakistani dresses some time ago, please have a look at it and let me know what you think, as I’m not a big expert 🙂 here is the post: x

    1. afshanesque says:

      Thank you for loving my outfit! What lovely outfits on your blog too and good choices. Pakistani dresses can be really graceful and I would recommend them, especially in the summer!

  6. The clothes are stunning! There was an indian wedding the same day as ours in a different side of the hotel and all the guests looked amazing! I have to say I think yours is much nicer, I think the colour suits it so much more

  7. They all look so beautiful with the pretty colours and designs 😉

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