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Desi Vibes – Trip To Pakistan Article 1


I am about to start a chronicle of articles about my trip to Pakistan recently. My parents are from Pakistan and so is my husband, therefore I am very passionate about the place and of course my family and relatives.

We went for only 2 weeks, which is rather short, as it is so far, but I guess if it isn’t for sight seeing then it’s enough.

Why Pakistan?

There are such lovely places and things to see when in Pakistan. The most important is of course to see family. I have my in-laws, who live in Lahore, so this is why we were visiting Lahore (I used to go to Karachi, pre-marriage which I must say have better clothes). So what do I enjoy the most when in Pakistan. The chaat (a mixture of chick peas, onions, bombay mix and yoghurt), the places to eat and of course the jewellery and clothes.

There are many small and traditional shops in Pakistan from corner shops where you can get crisps like snappy’s and Walkers, which are called Lays in Pakistan. There are also a lot of commercial shops like KFC, Mc Donald’s, Clarks, Next, Mother Care and even Burger King. I will expand on the shops in another article.

The Aim for my visit:

Our trip to Pakistan was for a special occasion, namely a wedding, in fact it was for a walima, which is an after party that is hosted and paid for by the groom’s side.

It was my brother-in-law’s walima and everyone was excited. A wedding brings lots of decisions, and for a lady it’s all about the clothes (sometimes). LOL. This can be fun and sometimes it can just be a chore.

My image is a sneak peak to my second article or post. Can you guess? Do join me…

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