Star Earrings

Star Crawler Earrings

I saw some lovely earrings at Accessorize a few months ago and I must admit I liked them. I am always in a hurry and sometimes when I have time for the next train, I have a browse at the local shops at the station of which Accessorize is one.

So why didn’t I purchase them?  – I saw them but didn’t buy them. Call it not making time or indecisiveness, but I decided to buy the earrings after I saw a similar pair on a recent Fleur de Force February Favourites video.

She wore the pair of Orelia Star Crawler Earrings in one of her videos and featured them in the above video. I knew why I liked them and I recalled seeing a similar pair in Accessorize. So this naturally enabled my purchase and I instantly recalled why I liked the earrings.

Star Crawler Earrings

Here are the earrings I bought, and did I tell you you how much I love them?

Star Crawler Earrings

Star Crawler Earrings

Also, they come with an extra earring and can be worn in the same ear slot, so you can have two earrings in one!

Hope you like them too?!

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