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Pakistan Mehandi and Article 2


So did you guess my second article? If not, see the start of a chronicle of articles about my trip to Pakistan, click here.

A quick synopsis of my trip to Pakistan was for a special occasion and wedding, in fact it was for a walima, which is an after party that is hosted and paid for by the groom’s side.

There are many parts and/or traditions of celebrating a Pakistani wedding from ceremonies, clothing, to simply bangles and mehndi.

Mehndi, also known as Henna starts off green and then comes through in various colours from orange, to brown, dark brown and even black! It is made from dried leaves that is in powdered form and derives from a henna plant. A paste is made by mixing water with the powder. Nowadays, however, mendhi comes in cones and is often filled with chemicals to make the colour more dark.


Mehndi is worn on special occasions and often worn by brides on their big day. It’s a way to adorn the hands and feet with amazing patterns.

It can add a little pizzaz to an outfit and also a fun aspect when sisters, cousins and friends get together and put on each others mehndi. It’s also nice on tiny hands and the little’ ones get so excited about wearing it.

Here are some photos of the mehndi that I had on my hands.


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