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Fellowes on the Move and Viking

When working at a desk, one needs to be mindful of position, being comfortable and having a good working environment to get the most out of oneself.

I went to a workshop with Viking and #Fellowesonthemove recently which involved pilates, massages and smoothies and who doesn’t like a massage and a smoothie!

The venue was also amazing at the Collective Old Oak and I found some very Instagramable furniture and home goals.

Smoothy time!

I was greeted by the lovely Jennie who immediately made me feel welcome. I was running late and missed some of the workshops. What I didn’t miss on was having and making my own smoothie.

The workshop started with a spot of pilates and how to do small exercises to do in between work and while working. We did some exercise of our feet, ankles, wrists and legs. The lady also gave us tips on how to exercise while sitting down at the desk.

The smoothie I made using a traditional juicer that used fresh vegetables and fruit. I made my juice using apple, beetroot, celery and orange juice. It was really refreshing and gave me some ideas on what to add in the future. It also highlighted the benefits of having fresh produce rather than juices with sugars etc.

Viking smoothie

The main focus of the workshop was with Viking who are one of Europe’s leading office suppliers and Fellowes in order to bring a happy and healthy environment to home workers or people who work a lot at home or even benefits to students.

The average European worker spends seven hours a day sat down working at a computer. From obesity to back pain, sitting down for extended periods of time can cause serious long-term health problems. I have myself suffered from back pain and even wrist pain when working, so I agree in having a good working environment and comfortable desk.

Sit-Stand desks can encourage more active work, improving morale and health without disrupting the office environment. 88% of office workers in Denmark currently have standing desks, a country that has high work satisfaction levels in the world.

This is what is important and the benefits of standing at work more than outweigh those of sitting at a desk constantly. If you want to know more and a quick and informative video than please click here >

Fellowes on the Move and Viking


There is also a great imperative article on the Viking site on the benefits of alternating sitting and standing when working.

Have a look at the desk, it is really impressive and I must say that it is on my wish list too! You can lever it to sitting position as well as at a level that is perfect for the eye or even that which the back is at ease.

How would you improve your working environment? Would you also love a Fellowes/Viking desk?

Take a look at the pictures and you can decide!

Fellowes on the Move and Viking

00099_lotus_lifestyle_white_ghost 0009901_Lotus_Lifestyle_standing


(8) Comments

  1. Because I write at my dining table or sat on the sofa I know my posture is really bad! Pilates is a really good idea for trying to fix things a bit.

  2. I love fresh fruits and veggies smoothie! They are so refreshing! I am also really into ergonomic chairs and desks — super important for good posture!

  3. Ooh! I need that desk in my life!!! <3 I've actually been thinking about getting a standing desk for a while, as my posture really suffers with the traditional-style desk I have now! xxx

  4. That desk looks amazing. I have really bad posture and always slouch, so sitting at a desk isn’t really a great idea!

  5. I definitely need to sort out a better solution for my writing work – since my eldest was born and I gave up my office for her bedroom I’ve relied on the ‘laptop on the couch’, which plays havoc with my posture. The variable desk is brilliant, and that pilates and massage sounds AMAZING too!! x

  6. Fatima says:

    When I was working earlier, I used to make sure to stand at regular intervals. It’s really important for the body to get a change from the normal posture

  7. Absolutely very important! Ergonomics set-up investment will really pay off in the long run.

  8. Interesting post! This desk is amazing. I really need to get one ergonomic chair like this because of my posture. I’m doing yoga to fix my bad posture habits and it is working well 😉

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