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Fenty Beauty Foundation in 300

I recently queued up for an hour (I know madness!) and I would never usually do that, but I fell into the hype of the Fenty Beauty cosmetics range and wanted to review some products from the line. If you don’t already know Fenty Beauty is a cosmetic launch from Rihanna and is one of the first brands that caters for all skin colours and types. As a Women of Colour, its revolutionary! Did I say that the brand is exclusive to Harvey Nichols, but can also be purchased online.

The queue which was slow to start, but went quite fast as we inched to the front. I took my son with me, but he was ok to wait as his iPad kept him occupied, although he did want to give up a few times, bless. I think the queue went fast also because they were hurrying people along, as they day was ending. The lady Zoe who served me was from an agency and not Fenty Beauty itself. There has been so much demand that they had also made another stand for Fenty on the other side of Harvey Nichols.

Zoe was helpful and a good saleslady as she was recommending quite a few products. She recommended the Primer, a highlighter stick in Yacht Lyfe – a Glimmering Peach-Pink and the foundation. She tried to also sell me the lipgloss. I opted for the foundation in colour 300 (the same as Dulce Candy) as I wasn’t up for spending for the sake of spending.

I also went for the Kilawatt highlighter in Trophy Wife, as it looked amazing on my brown skin, but I must admit I am regretting it now, as it is far too glittery. I wish I got the Yacht Life instead. A tip would be to place a bit on the hand and mix it with Mac’s fix plus and dab it on with your fingers. They key is to make it stick.

Below are some pics from my anniversary where I wore the Fenty Beauty products for the first time.

Fenty Beauty Foundation in 300

My skin looks quite flawless above, but for the glitter from the kilowatt highlighter. My husbands camera on the Samsung also helped. 😉

The verdict is that the Trophy Wife highlighter isn’t really for me, I will have to maybe use it on my eyes or as an eye highlighter. The foundation was however, for me. I like it, as it makes my skin look dewy, but the confusing thing is that my skin can be a little dry, but it wasn’t drying. I don’t usually suffer from shiny skin but my nose was shiny with this foundation. Very odd, it means that I may have to carry some powder to blot when using this foundation.

Fenty Beauty Foundation in 300

See the shiny nose! LOL.

Fenty Beauty Foundation in 300

Fenty Beauty Foundation in 300

Fenty Beauty Foundation in 300

I’d like to try more of the range, but will see if my budget allows. Will you be trying Fenty Beauty?

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  1. First of all, this brand looks amazing!

    Second – I am so jealous of your perfect skin!!

    Super review (and not just because I love Rihanna)!

    1. afshanesque says:

      Thank you Stacey for liking the review. I wish I had perfect skin, Lol.

  2. I have never heard of this brand but it looks lovely. I can never really get on with highlighter though – Think I need a lesson lol as it just ends up looking shiny!

  3. I really want to try the fenty foundation but I am going to wait until the hype dies down a little bit and it’s not as busy x

  4. I have not tried this range before or heard of it (been stuck in a little bubble lately), but it looks like a great range and one to add to my wish list x

  5. You do have the most amazing skin – I’m not sure the Trophy Wife Highlighter would be for my skin either. Its fairly clear but freckly and pale.

  6. Although I haven’t heard about Fenty Beauty before, I like the look of the products. There is nothing wrong with a glittery highlighter on special occasions! 🙂

  7. I have not come across the Fenty beauty range but it sounds like a good product if it matches your skin type.

  8. Your skin looks great. I like that it doesn’t dry the skin but I would have expected it to also leave a shine free finish.

  9. The cheetah and I will not be trying Fenty products because he is a cheetah and I have no one to gift them too…

  10. Love Fenty and can’t believe I’ve not heard of them before but can’t wait to see if the products work for me x

  11. I love how glittery the highlighter is! More for a night out I guess than a day time look so I probably wouldn’t get much use out of it!

  12. I think your skin looks absolutely flawless using these Fenty Beauty products. Its a shame the highlighter wasn’t for you but at least the foundation was to your liking xxx

  13. The Fenty range looks amazing! I really can’t wait to try the foundation your skin looks great 🙂

  14. That looks like a great make-up range, I am not sure I would queue up for an hour for it though

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