iPhone Xs Max Camera Review in Shoreditch

Shoreditch Street Art

I am a big fan of the iPhone and when I got the chance to test the new Xs Max, I can openly say that I jumped at the chance. So what better place to test the phone and its camera features, than in sunny London. We were in luck, it was very warm and sunny. I took my son along who was very excited to also take a look at the new iPhone and its features.

London has so many picturesque sights to see and while living in London one can take it all for a little granted. I have always wanted to go to Shoreditch and was very excited to experience the fabulous street-art through the eyes of the camera.

iPhone XS Max

I thought I’d make it a day out for both my son and I and took the opportunity to wear my fabulously colourful dress from Zara. The dress worked out to be a good choice as it complimented the background street-art pictures.

I have the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone Xs Max look-wise is not so different from the 7 Plus, but slightly edgier. The camera, however, is and has been substantially enhanced. The Xs Max is a little hefty, so it’s best to get a good case to protect the screen. The case can also be obtained at Three UK with your phone.

We started our journey at Old Street station, just a short walk from the stylish Shoreditch High Street. Shoreditch has become ever so popular and rightly so, not only has it amazing street-art, but also some hip shops and snazzy restaurants.

Asian Restaurant Vibes

Our first port of call for picture taking was at the yummy Doughnut Time. This was so tucked away and not apparent at all that it had a hidden gem or gems. The doughnuts at Doughnut Time are so yummy. Have you tried them yet?

Doughnut Time

This shot uses the focus option so that it focused on the street-art (rather than on myself) and captured the surroundings.

A new picture at every step, thats what Shoreditch has to offer and the iPhone offers pictures only dreams are made of. Creating the most instagrammable pictures, straight from your fingers tips made easy by the picture and rendering qualities. This model has a smart HDR and a powerful A12 Bionic processor too, which uses real-time machine learning to transform the way photos, gaming and augmented reality is experienced.

The Bird in Shoreditch


The above picture is a prime example of how using techniques can really enhance a picture like the one below. It also shows how important a good camera and resolution is to achieving the best picture.

The above picture has low picture quality compared with the picture below, where enhancements have been made using the camera and the edit function to make the picture more sharper and therefore more impactful.

The Bird in Shoreditch

I particularly like this picture as my dress really compliments the background. My son took this picture and it captures the beauty of the robin and creates a visual intensity that only a good camera can capture.

The Bird in Shoreditch

I must admit it isn’t often I get to have my photos taken and feel that the quality is as good as a professional photographer. My instagram family sure liked them. I think my son did a great job in capturing the moment.

I was very lucky to have experienced such an amazing day and street-art that transcends my expectations on the streets of sunny Shoreditch. The day also allowed me to get some fabulous fashion shots.

Shoreditch street-art

Photography is it’s own art. A good camera can make all the difference. Learning techniques that can capture the perfect or ideal picture can be made easier with the right tools. Technology really does help create that perfect shot.


Let’s have a look at a feature that is available, that would help capture a shot that can be difficult to take/achieve. The above picture captures the jump using the burst feature. The burst feature takes many pictures that allow one to choose the best one in order to get the best jump. I didn’t really know what this feature could do and so this was really good to learn.

The photo walk allowed me to lean some essential techniques of photography thanks to Three and Kellee, our host.

Below are some art pictures that capture the sunlight. I hope you like…



The below pictures catch the eye and I love the way the colours create a story. These pictures rather remind me of Sherlock Holmes. LOL.



I particularly like the above picture as it captures the san rays perfectly. I have never seen pictures like this before so was rather chuffed.

When I see this picture, the following comes to mind –

“See all that you can with the iPhone Xs Max… So say the monkeys!” – LOL


Our last pit stop was for something to eat. It was well deserved after the thirsty work of capturing such amazing pictures, if I do say so myself. We went to the Boiler House in Brick Lane. It was a market and festival of food. Such fabulous food and colours that made the mouth water with anticipation.





The iPhone Xs Max is so appealing and I must admit I really want one now. The camera features a 6.5-inch Super Retina display with custom-built OLED panels. Advanced Face ID and a 12MP dual-camera system takes your portraits to the next level.

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  1. I have the iPhone Xs Max and its fab! The camera is incredible, the portrait feature is a game changer for me!

  2. I currently have the 8 plus and I am debating about getting the new iPhone especially as the camera is better x

  3. Hello BoundforSomewhere says:

    I hope my hubby doesnt see this in my history…I sure dont need a new phone…but it sounds sooooo good! And that camera!!!!

  4. Thanks for he detailed post. I’m considering which phone to get when I upgrade so I’ll take into account all that you said. The camera looks amazing!

  5. ChelseaMamma says:

    I have just upgraded to the new iphone and cannot wait to test out the camera

  6. lukeosaurusandme says:

    Love Shoreditch’s amazing street art; what a fantastic place to test out the new phone camera. It sounds great and good that it has so many features.

  7. The iPhone seems to just keep getting better and better! I have an X and I think I would like to upgrade it to the XS max for sure!

  8. I love iPhones and have the 7+. My partner has the X and that takes awesome photos too. Kaz

  9. I haven’t had an iphone for a while, I’ve been sticking to Samsung, but the camera looks great on this one!

  10. Ooo my friend loves the iphone, I may have to look into getting one xx

  11. I was going to switch from the iPhone to something with a better camera, but this one actually looks fab. Maybe I just need an upgrade! 🙂

    Louise x

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