Kenneth Turner

Kenneth Turner

I went to an event recently, where I had the chance to meet a great brand and sample their products. Kenneth Turner is a home fragrance brand who specialise in fragrances in the form of sprays, hand creams, hand wash to candles.

The fragrances are really nice and each has their own scent. You can choose from a few scents.

Kenneth Turner Fragrance

Signature scent, which is the one I have in the form of a room spray is a woody and spicy scent.

A blend of orange blossom and honeysuckle with citrus oils, woods and spices and their signature scent. It instantly uplifts the home and would suit a more sophisticated or formal occasion.

Celebration is a floral scent full of rose, lily of the valley, stephanotis with a soft haze of musk. It is good for a celebration with friends and family coming together.

The Soiree scent capture the essence of sweet pea, rose and grape mingles with the earthier accents of moss and musk.

Spirit is a playful and carefree mix of peony and magnolia with vibrant bursts of herbs and citrus.

The Bubbly scent is fabulously full of freesia, rose and jasmine, balanced by the sensual tones of pear and patchouli. Exuberant and overflowing, the fragrance from the flower filled table, fills the air with the carefree spirit of summer.

Lastly, the Midsumer Night scent is a fusion of honeysuckle, jasmine and tuberose with notes of moss and oak.

Do check them out, as the fragrances are really nice and come in a lot of varieties – if fragrances don’t take your fancy, then do try the hand creams! The candles will also look really nice on your dinner table!

Kenneth Turner Candle

What a display!

Kenneth Turner




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  1. How can you not love home scents. I always have to have diffusers and candles surrounding me. Spirit & Soiree sound divine.

  2. I heard of the brand have havent actually used it before. Might have to check these out soon.

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