What’s in my bag


I bought a new bag for summer and was instantly drawn to it. One, naturally because it was pleasing, the colours on the bag were very nice and summery and the bag is a saddle bag and reminded me of the Chloe Drew bag.

The bag is from the limited edition range of Marks and Spencer and so if you like it, I would recommend getting in there soon.

The bag has lovely gold straps extended with a black strap. The gold detailing gives it a more classy look and ready for the summery and glamorous days ahead.

I have added a keyring chain with the letter A to add a little something to the bag (especially chosen by my son).

So what’s in my bag –

My iPhone (5S) so old, but it’s good, however, I haven’t much space and therefore my camera doesn’t work, so not so good.

Then of course, the essentials; my pass, keys, chewing gum and brush. Then some makeup bits for work, L’Oréal eyeliner, Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, a lipliner from Rimmel and the BowNArrow from Kat Von D.

The purse is from accessorize. I got it a few years back, in the sale, but they have another similar one on their site.

What's in my handbag


The bag is made from 100% Polyurethane and the lining is 100% Polyester, so animal friendly. I really like it, however, I have noticed that the material is fraying slightly where the button closes on the bag, which is a tad disappointing. I am glad I bought it however and it is a lovely summer staple.

Hope you enjoyed what’s in my bag! What’s in yours?

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  1. Lovely bag! I like a little bag that can carry plenty of stuff. But as long as it has room for my phone and my purse, anything else is a bonus.

  2. afshanesque says:

    Thank you @Joannemallon Yes, a small bag in the summer can be ideal. It’s not suitable when going shopping, however, lovely nonetheless. It sure will fit your purse, phone and a few extras!

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