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Pakistan Makeup and Article 3


The third instalment of my series on Pakistan will be where it all started for me – makeup! If you haven’t already read my articles, you can here – Pakistan and Mehndi.

As we were attending a close family wedding, and this doesn’t happen very often, but we had our makeup done at the salon. Seems so much effort to go to have one’s makeup done, but it’s nice once in a while. It’s also nice to get pampered and feel important, even if for only a few hours.

We (sister-in-laws and I) had our hair and makeup done by a salon in Lahore called New Look. The salon was very nice, clean and very welcoming. The staff were also nice. The make-over entailed, full make-up, hair and nails (hands and feet).



The application of make-up is really good in Pakistan, the artists are really talented. The pricing is also reasonable and the make-up is better than in the UK, although it’s getting better it is also quite expensive in the UK.

I asked the salon to apply my foundation very naturally, as sometimes they can add colour that is really fair and the skin can look ashy or one can look like they’ve just been dipped in flour. Lol.

The foundation they used was the TV paint stick from Kryolan. They used only one colour, but I also was advised to use another, which I will go through in more detail below.

I was really pleased with my make-up and hair, however, I had to ask for them to tone down the blusher and change the lip colour, which I must admit was much better, second time round. I also asked for them to add a highlighter. All in all, it was very nice and I would recommend them.

The TV paint stick from Kryolan is great for photographs. I bought it in a store in Lahore and the lady advised me to use the colour FS38. She also said to use a wet sponge and add another colour on top; Ivory and slowly dab it on. This part can be skipped, but it does make the skin look fairer. However, the foundation needs to be applied on the neck and décolletage, as the face will be lighter. LOL. I prefer not to use it, but did buy it. The foundation is really good, it not only covers pores, but also makes the skin look very flawless.

I would recommend this foundation for very special occasions  and at only £13.50, it is a very good price.




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