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Kleem, A Dream Cream?

Kleem Serum

I had the great opportunity to try a new product called Kleem. It isn’t quite a cream, but a serum. An intensive rejuvenating vitamin serum.

I love this serum, as it’s been really good in combating dry patches that I suffered from, mostly around my mouth.  Especially in winter this will be good for combating skin dryness that can be a killer during harsher weather.

This is also great as it is good for ageing.

The serum is made using a concentrate of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, witch hazel and arginine, perfect for smoother skin.  I must say that this has truly been a wonder in more ways than one, not only for my face but for my hands too.  What was left on my hands, I rubbed in which made my hands also feel smoother and softer. I suffer from dry, cracked and broken skin on my hands, which this rid.

I have used most of it and will be sad when it finishes. You can get this wonder serum from Amazon, so an order will have to be made! 🙂



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