Fun by Lush

I recently went to Lush in Wimbledon to indulge in their beautifully fragrant bath bombs and bath beauties. The haul is coming soon!

Whilst there I discovered a really cool product not only great for the bath but also for kids!

Lush Fun

Lush Fun

Lush Fun

I bought the fun bath putty that can be made into cool shapes! Versatile and mouldable, it’s called Fun which can be soap, shampoo, bubble bath or whatever you want it to be – the only limit being your imagination.

I was very intrigued and it piqued my interest as it had many possibilities!

It is like play dough (but in soap form) that kids can have fun creating whatever shapes or figures they want, whether snowmen, teddies or – the possibilities are endless.  Once finished, it can be crumbled into the bath. It is best to crumble under running water to create Lush bubbles!

I bought the Magic of Christmas, which is glittery but doesn’t make a mess. Smells nice and creates some great bubbles and fun in the bath.

My son loved it and of course he wasn’t put off by the glitter. LOL.

You can see the video here and I love the description – “It’s a magical time of the year, so release your inner illusionist and stage a bath of stimulating juniperberry and zesty tangerine bubbles to send your mood soaring. This bright, lustre-filled bar is just the trick for shaping into your own witch or wizard, or shampooing hair with.”

It’s a must have and fun for all ages!



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  1. As I am sneezing all the time these days with some nasty cold, I wish I could pour myself a hot bath and some of the bath bombs in there and relax with a good magazine! Dream!

  2. Ohhh I love Lush! We don’t have any store where I live though, but I’ll definitely get my hands on some of these next time I travel!

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