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Great venue for weddings

I recently went to Keythorpe Manor for a summer wedding and I must say it was the perfect location! They have fabulous grounds, beautiful arrangements and tucked away areas!

We were (my family and I) lucky to have some great weather that day too.  The wedding venue is in Leicester, which I must admit isn’t the usual place that I have been, so it was all the more nicer!

There was a lot to do there too, from crocket and skittles (with coconuts no less – being that it was an Indian wedding) to just walking around the grounds.

While driving down you could also possibly miss a hidden location which is just breathtaking and where you can hear the live peacocks while walking through.

There is also an amazing swing with flowers wrapped around it, just ever so picturesque for the perfect wedding shoot!

This being a Desi wedding meant wearing traditional and ethnic clothing. I wore this bright blue and green shalwar kameez.

Here are some photos from this breathtaking place with borrowed shoes (my mum’s, as I had kicked mine off) and my son.





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