Kyley Jenner and Provocalips

I have seen many a Kylie Jenner lip video, tutorial and have to say hats of to the girl for creating such a stir in the beauty world for the perfect lips, or should I say lip colour.

I have been fascinated by the way her lips look so full and unique and it has a lot to do with the way she styles/lines her lips.

It’s a wonder why such a craze started, but you have to see the pics to believe it.

Although I didn’t go for a hunt specifically to pick up the perfect Kyley Jenner lipstick. However, I did stumble by chance across the perfect shade of one of her lip looks.

The star lipstick is by Rimmel and is called Provocalips, in the shade 230 Kiss Fatal.


No need now to buy seperate lip liners and lipstick, Rimmel Provocalips does it all! This is a dual ended matt lip product with colour on one side and a glossy top coat on the other (see picture, although it looks more mauve then it is). Just add the matt colour to the lips (I don’t use the glossy side) and either have it full on or how I like it, by blotting it with tissue. The added bonus of it all is that it lasts all day!

The cost is £6.99, so it won’t break the bank and will give you that perfect Kylie Jenner look 😉

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