Why Not Create Your Own Family Heirloom?

Family Heirloom

It is not uncommon for many of us to find the idea of an heirloom romantic, especially if passed down through the generations of our family. Of course, it needn’t be anything out of this world, such as the heart of the ocean from the Titanic, but something important, loving, beautiful that holds special significance. When we think of an heirloom, it’s easy to think about something passed down to us, but what about something we can pass down our ‘line’, if you wish to use those grandiose terms?

Might it be that a little bit of your fashion inspiration, or of your styling interest, or in finding something special to commemorate an event could help you find something such as this? Of course, perhaps forcing something to be an heirloom may be a little much, but there’s no reason as to why you cannot purchase something truly beautiful with the intention of sharing it with your children, and then passing it down to those you love most.

But what could potentially serve in this manner? Let us think:

A Watch

A watch can serve as a fantastic heirloom, as it quite literally tells the time, and there’s something symbolic about that passing down your family, or being given to someone you care about. If you invest in a high-quality timepiece, the engineering and craftsmanship catered to within this beautiful accessory can last for some time, or can undergo restorative work, and can always serve as a means of keeping the wearer on track with their day. It’s easy to disregard the power and beauty of a watch, but you can be sure that when inherited from you one day, it will hold true sentimental value.


Beautiful and luxury pieces, such as those offered by Haute Couture Jewellery, are really the next step in beautiful adornments. Utilizing the best precious stones, the most contemporary and timeless designs, and the best product care, purchasing something truly out of this world can have lasting staying power, and help you and those you pass this item onto feel and look confident, beautiful and radiant. After time, a piece such as this tells its own story, although it will show the incredible nature of craftsmanship from the offset. To that end, it’s worth investing in something truly worthwhile.

Notes & Notebooks

Keeping a journal, or some form of a diary or collection may not survive hundreds of years down the line, but it may give great delight to your grandchildren. A recipe book, a scrapbook of all of your photography, well maintained, or perhaps even a leatherbound travel journal discussing all of your amazing experiences can lend some beauty to the messages you wish to pass down, but it also motivates you to live an even fuller life, going out of your way to take risks and try new things.

With these tips in mind, I hope you can create your own family heirloom. Just be sure to have a little fun with it.

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  1. It would lovely to have a heirloom to pass down through generation to generation. We don’t have anything like that but I would love to start a tradition.

  2. A have a few heirloom pieces but I love the idea of creating something to pass on to my children.

  3. I think watches are great heirlooms to hand down through generations as well as precious jewellery. I hope my wedding ring is kept and cherished

  4. Never thought of this! Great idea will have to try it out.

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