Lash Perfect Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic Lashes

I was recently invited to try magnetic lashes and I jumped at the chance, as I was so hyped to find innovative and easy to apply lashes.

The event was for the launch of two new styles of magnetic lashes from Lash Perfect, as well as a magnetic eye liner and being one of the first to try the new magnetic eyeliner was really a very exciting opportunity. The launch was in the heart of London at the Lash Perfect Beauty Bar


I was right to be excited because the Perfect Lash Bar was the perfect venue. I came in and was put at so much ease. I got to see all the lashes, of which their was much choice.


The bar was very picturesque and the staff were very welcoming. As I entered I was offered a yummy drink and was able to view all the different versions of the magnetise magnetic lashes. I was also given a gifted goody bag, which contained the Mia lashes, lash tweezers, the magnetic eyeliner and eyeliner remover.

I am really mediocre at applying lashes and need help applying them. I also find it really hard to use the glue and place them properly on the lid. So really these magnetic lashes are a God-send!


The magnetic liner makes it uber simple to apply the lashes. Just add on the eye and place the lashes on the eye, near the lash line. The Perfect lashes come in two parts one for on top of the lash and one for the underneath. Once the magnetic liner is applied, allow a few minutes to dry and just add the lash on the top lid and then the second part on the lower lid. And vava-voom – your good to go!


The lashes can be used over 8 times, which is also great in itself. Once the day or party is over then the eyelashes comes off effortlessly, they can be lightly pulled off, but its better to apply the eyeliner remover which allows them to come off smoother and gentler.

I am so grateful for these lashes and I think I am going to enjoy getting ready for that special occasion that little bit more. Thank you Perfect Lashes!

You can see a video of the lashes on my Instagram Page >



Disclaimer: The magnetic eyelashes were gifted.




(9) Comments

  1. Rebecca Smith says:

    Those lashes look great on you! I keep meaning to try magnetic lashes.

  2. Rhian Westbury says:

    I’ve always struggled with putting lashes on so I do think magnetic lashes would be so much better for me x

  3. i want to love these but not had much luck with them which is probably down to me.

    They look gorgeous on you

  4. WOW these sound amazing! I am so rubbish at trying to apply normal lashes but these sound so much easier so I will definitely check them out! Yours look amazing on you! x

  5. I have heard so many good things about magnetic lashes, I would love to try them

  6. Yeah Lifestyle says:

    You already have great lashes but using the magnetic ones makes you eyes even more beautiful. looks like a great event to attend as well.

  7. These magnetic lashes enhanced the beauty of your eyes. I wish I could try those but I don’t think it’s going to happen in the near future.

  8. They look fab, I’m going to have to try some now

  9. These look amazing! I’ve never tried lashes, but maybe I should give them a go.

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