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Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez

They say love is blind. I don’t know about that but it would be a crying shame if love wasn’t fragrant. Our sense of smell can trigger all sorts of memories and can also remind us of the ones we love.

What better way to enjoy this Valentine then with your favourite fragrance, without having to leave your home and create some ambience.

So we come to my new love. And yes you have guessed it… A fragrance!


I am loving the new Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez perfume. It has three notes to entice the heart with a musky yet floral, amber and woody toned scent.

I can’t explain it – I just love the smell! It smells devine and I can smell it on my skin longer than most perfumes, so that adds a bonus to the love.

The perfume comes in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml and you can get it from Debenhams, House of Fraser where I came across it and Boots (the bigger ones.)

I highly recommend this fragrance if you want something unique and lovel-ly.

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  1. Hi! I nominated you for Liebster award, you can check what’s it all about here:

    1. afshanesque says:

      Hi, That’s brilliant! Thank you so much.

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