Maplin Dehumidifier Review

Maplin Dehumidifier

I recently got a dehumidifier from Maplin. A dehumidifier is generally used to reduce the level of humidity in the air. My house is very small and can get a lot of condensation, especially around the windows and in the bathroom, so a dehumidifier was key to help keep the air clean.

The dehumidifier from Maplin is very sleek and easy to use. All that is needed is to plug it in, switch it on and away you go. It is a 2.2 litre mini, so compact, portable and can therefore be used anywhere in the house.

Maplin Dehumidifier

I found that the dehumidifier worked wonders to make the air nice and clean in my house. I noticed the windows in the room were all dry, as apposed to wet due to condensation. The winter months leave the house drafty and wet, so I found that the dehumidifier made a real difference with regards to this.

All in all, I am very impressed with Maplin’s dehumidifier, as it is quiet (no sound of water to be heard) and very non-invasive. As I have seen a difference, I can say it is very worth it, especially if your house has dampness and/or condensation problems. It will also be fantastic to help with those that suffer from Asthma due to dampness and humidity within the house. It retails at £54.99, so well worth it! Click here for more details >

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  1. We need a new dehumidifier, so it’s great to hear your opinions on this one. We’ll check Maplin out x

  2. This looks like a great product. I feel like I can always trust items I buy from Maplin.

  3. When we were in the UK, we had a massive problem with damp. I think we would have needed something like that because we had those small boxes that you put a bit everywhere and it was not enough. Now I’m in Spain and so far I haven’t had any damp problem, thank god!


  4. Oh we swore by our dehumidifier at our old house. It was an old victorian and the condensation was a real problem, the dehumidifier really helped!

  5. Sounds good. Ill be sure to share with a friend of mine.

  6. I’ve lived in houses and flats where I wouldn’t have been without a dehumidifier – this one sounds ideal!

  7. This looks a great one, I love how compact it is. Kaz

  8. I love this – and what a great price! Getting a dehumidifier has made a huge difference in our house too, especially at this time of year! xx

  9. That’s a sleek piece of kit. We have terrible condensation problems in our house because it is quite old. Might look into getting one of these.

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