Slendertox Tea

I tried Slendertox tea and if you are determined to detox then this is your answer.  A word of warning though is that it does act as a laxative, so it’s best to use the tea only on weekends where the wc is nearby!

The tea must be taken as a detox and not a method to lose weight. So the tea or shake needs to be taken with a controlled diet and exercise as is normal when one wants to lose weight.

The tea is herbal and tastes ok, so this is a plus.  I had a 28 day supply, but because I work I didn’t take all the 28 days.  This consisted of 14 days of daily teas and 14 days to be taken at night.

I am not a fan of tea, but I don’t mind some mint or green tea once in a while. It wasn’t hard drinking the tea, but this does upset the stomach, but this is understandable.

To be honest as I am not a tea person, Slendertox tea is just not for me.  I would prefer to eat healthily and exercise for natural weight loss.

The shake however, wasn’t bad as it can be mixed with juice etc, so overall I preferred this to the tea.

Has anyone else tried slendertox?

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