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March Birthday to Spring Favourites

Sorry have been away a long time. No excuses, but to say I have been busy with family life and Ramadhan; a month of fasting.

I have been trying to write this post for ages. So it’s changed to – March favourites to spring favourites. LOL

March is my favourite month, especially as it is my birthday month. I was also lucky this year, as my birthday fell on Good Friday and the long Easter weekend. Had a fab time with family.


I got lots of beautiful flowers for my birthday.

A very tasty cake curtesy of my husband from Cake box with fresh fruits and cream.


Ramadhan came and it went really fast. I was expecting it to be very hard, but this year we were lucky that it wasn’t too hot. The fasts went fine, not eating and drinking isn’t a problem at all, but the tiredness does take effect.

Eid was also busy. Spent with my husbands family the first two days and the next two days with my family (mum and dad, siblings, kids and cousins). Eid in the UK is quite quiet. The men go out to pray in the morning, while the women can go pray, but mostly wait at home. A traditional dish made at Eid is a sweet dish of vermicilli called sewaiya.

It is traditional to get dressed up on Eid and it’s always fun to see the children open their presents and see their smiley faces. We don’t do presents at Christmas, but we do on Eid, so children appreciate their festival and religious traditions.

Here is what I wore on Eid. It was a black kameez in velvet with silver work and my Diorama style bag in silver-tone metallic – a firm favourite. My shoes were from Linea, House of Fraser.

Eid outfit

Another favourite has to be Henna (also known as Mehndi).

Eid Henna

I also made my first attempt in doing my own henna design. How is it?

Eid Henna


Here’s my second Eid day make-up. The earrings are from Debenhams from the Butterfly by Matthew Williamson range.

Eid makeup


My spring favourites for make-up are The Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation in Barcelona. The Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment in Get it on and Rose Oud from Primark’s perfume range (£3), which is a dupe for a Jo Malone perfume worth £73.


I hope you haven’t missed me too much, but I am going to try and post more regularly.


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  1. I love your Eid outfits – and the Mendhi! I learnt Indian classical dance when I was a kid and had my hands and feet decorated for one of the dance ceremonies. I never wanted it to fade!

  2. Hope you had a great Eid, your Mendhi first attempt looks so good, I had mine done at my friends wedding last year and it was so nice x

  3. Loves reading about your eid this year. Always looks like so much fun! Love your outfit too and happy belated birthday 🙂

  4. Those flowers are all beautiful, as is the henna. You did a great job on your own design!

  5. I love your make up for Eid and those earrings are fab! I’m looking forward to reading more posts!

  6. Hannah says:

    Id like to try that nars lip pigment, the color looks great

  7. I really love the detailing on your end outfit. It sounded like you had a very busy time recently. I agree those flowers are beautiful.

  8. Wow what a beautiful selection of items. The cake looks amazing and you cant beat some Nars products 🙂

  9. Welcome back. You looked so lovely over Eid! My friend at work was celebrating it and I’ve loved hearing about all her preparations and seeing her henna. I didn’t realise Primark did perfumes so I will be checking those out this weekend.

  10. Michelle says:

    Wow that cake looks amazing and I had no idea Primark did perfumes

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