New Year, New Website

Today is a momentus day. I have re-launched my blogging website. It wasn’t that I didn’t like my old website, in fact I loved it and it was hard work getting it up and running, just the way I wanted it. However, I need to be in with the times. The theme that I originally chose was Koresponsive, which wasn’t always easy to use and there wasn’t any support for it. Plus, it didn’t have simple social icons such as Instagram and Pinterest. I did make it work by downloading Jet Pack, which I would highly recommend.

Here is a screenshot of my old site, for you to take a look at, if you haven’t seen it already! Also, it’s for my own benefit really, so I can rememberit fondly and my achievement. I must say though, I won’t forget it. 🙂



Things I am going to miss:

  • It was my baby (hold the ahhs…)
  • The lovingly compiled of my beauty and bag essentials;  footer, which I have added to this site too – just for nostalgic reasons and because I am proud of it!

So why did I choose Pipdig?  First of all, I wanted a responsive site and secondly I wanted features such as sliders (which I had) but also having the ability to easily add Instagram and Bloglovin, without having to manually add a button in my sidebar.

Another positive was that I saw that these themes were very popular and I wanted my Blog to be up-to-date and of course, current!

I am very pleased with the Theme and I must say it was easy to use and I changed my site within hours and that is saying something!

I hope you like it!

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