Fillerina review


I have a new product to try and it’s called Fillerina. I honestly have never thought about a product that could be used as a ‘filler’. I know of pore reducing ones, but to be honest I don’t think the pore reducers work immediately, but would they? I definitely would love it if they did. Maybe after prolonged use they might? Anwers on a post card!

Fillerina is a Swiss based night cream. It is a ground-breaking, at-home filler, to ease the treatment of wrinkles in the comfortable surroundings of your home and without medical intervention (injections).

Fillerina claims to reduce wrinkles in fourteen days, which is a bold claim indeed. I can’t confirm this, but what I can say is that this cream feels so luxurious, you can tell just by applying it.

And… The smell is so amazing, it is really nice and sweet smelling and the fragrance really lingers for a long time.

The Swiss logo is also a plus point, as it suggests (maybe a psychological thing) that it would be good, as it is Swiss made. Swiss products are synonymous with being of quality. Be that somewhat shallow of me, but I do love Swiss products. Bring on the Swiss chocolates! haha

I have been using Fillerina for a while now, mainly at night and I must say that my skin has been looking dewy and more vibrant. I feel like my skin looks more radiant without having the help of creams and even foundation.

I do really like this cream and would highly recommend it. Not only for its use, but also for the amazing feel good factor and feeling you get from using it. The smell is so divine, it leaves you relaxed and ready for a great sleep!


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