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Anti-ageing, a taboo subject?

Anti-ageing debate

Anti-ageing debate


Anti-ageing, is it a label to be proud of or shy from?

Anti-ageing is a topic that is sensitive to say the least. What does it really mean? It’s quite a claim to make! In most cases it simply means that the product is specially formulated for the older lady. Or is it?

The word anti-ageing is open ended really – what age is it really for? I guess it really depends on the individual. People age at different times and the ageing process is somewhat undefined. That’s why it is a very generic term, so very individual to the person.

Also, anti-ageing can often put women into a category, which can often be looked down on.
This is where Eau Thermale Avène come in; a company that is changing this by reiterating that ageing is not a flaw and that ageing skin just has needs that are specific.

Eau Thermale Avène have products for sensitive skin to gentle products for ageing skin. Their new PhysioLift range contain active ingredients that do just that. A trio of powerful actives from retinaldehyde, hyaluronic acid and ascofilline, in Layman’s terms meaning ingredients that improve skin without detriment and therefore less irritating and beneficial for the skin.

A great event that I went to recently was quite the eye-opener. It was hosted by Eau Thermale Avène and The London Beauty Queen. I was there as part of the 30 Plus Collective, which is a collective of amazing bloggers that collaborate as a team.

The panel were made up of well known and respected women consisting of Jane from British Beauty Blogger, clinical dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting and Psychologist Dr Linda Papadopolous. I must say that I was in awe of the panel and felt proud to be there amongst such pivitol people and influencers.

It was an event that was well worth attending, with lively talk and debate. The interesting thing about the topic is that ageing is something that is inevitable, so why not embrace it? The industry shouldn’t reject those who are ageing but celebrate the ageing process in a way that doesn’t push women to insecurity and even obscurity, which happens in the beauty, fashion and film industry. It surely is food for thought!

Here are some fabulous photos of the night.
Anti-ageing debate
Anti-ageing debate
Anti-ageing debate
Food at the anti-ageing debate Food at the anti-ageing debate
Thanks goes to the Hayley; The London Beauty Queen, the 30 Plus Collective for the lovely invite and to Avène for their great products. Reviews are coming soon. They were very generous with their products, which means I can do a thorough review.
Anti-ageing debate

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  1. Sounds like a great event! I’m 24 and I still feel too young to use anti-aging creams when in actual fact it’s probably a reasonable time to start researching it! Stephanie x

  2. Looks like an amazing event. Saw a lot of it on Twitter.

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