Stax Diner

Stax Diner

We recently went to Stax, an American style diner for our Anniversary. The restaurant is in a fantastic location, just nearby to Carnaby Street called Kingly Court. Kingly Court has a choice of restaurants on a ream of floors.

We chose Stax because it was halaal and because it had some tasty looking authentic burgers.

The menu has a good choice from burgers, popcorn shrimp, sandwiches to chicken and waffles. There are also shakes that are very tasty indeed.

There are also some great sides, from spicy fries, onions rings, fried green tomatoes to battered pickles.

We ordered the fried green tomatoes and battered pickles with the burger. I did like them, but I would only order these with a bigger group of people as it was too much for three.

I was really excited to try the fried green tomatoes, however, it tasted just like the pickle so you definitely didn’t need both!

I ordered the chicken burger, called ‘The Chickadee’ and my husband went for the challenge! Basically the challenge is a stack of burgers in one bun, in fact 5¬†beef burgers! See it to believe it!

The challenge is that you eat the burger, fries and a very large milkshake, all by yourself. Actually we did end up sharing it, as it really is a challenge.

I had an enjoyable time and the food was great and a change from the norm.

Here are the pics of the tasty food. Yum! I would really recommend it.


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