Secret To Supple Hair

Want Supple Hair? Then read on…

I have been using the Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System, well the shampoo and conditioner for over a month now and I can say that it has been a miracle for my hair.

My hair has been very dry of late. Not really sure why but hair can become very dry all of a sudden and I have been trying oils, 2-in-1 shampoos and even leave in conditoners and nothing was making a difference.

My hair has grown a lot recently and I have coloured my hair which I think contributed to my hair being quite dry. After using this system, I can say that my hair is in much better condition and is almost better than normal. I even switched up the shampoo with the Ultimate Blends Nourishing Repairer Shampoo by Garnier, because I thought it may be similar and so that I wouldn’t use up the shampoo – Madness I know! LOL. I started using the shampoo, as part of the system and I can tell you there is a big difference to the Garnier one.

Lack lustre and dry hair to gloriously shiny and better managed hair in a matter of weeks. It took longer for me due to switching the shampoo, but I think sometimes it’s good to experiment and learn these things even if it is the hard way.

The Superfruit Complex contains raspberry ketone, goji, acai, guava and of course shea butter. It’s the shea butter that makes the difference!

I can say that this system is really good and worth buying. You can get it in the bigger Boots stores or online at Amazon.