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4 Essentials For An African Safari Trip


Over 30 million tourists visit Africa annually, contributing an estimated $36 billion to the continent’s GDP? Africa is indeed a desirable tourist hotspot, especially for Safaris, in which the continent ranks as the leading destination globally. People relish safaris because it is an incredible thrill that comes with an added benefit of whisking them away from their usual environment. Deciding on what to pack for a safari can prove quite tricky due to luggage restrictions and the unique nature of the environment into which you are heading. You will need a little guidance, especially if it is your first time. Here are four essentials that you must have in your luggage for your safari adventure.

Important travel documents

Map of Africa

Your Safari experience cannot happen without the required travel documents. It’s advisable to get a file in which you will organize your valid passport with visa, airline tickets, hotel reservations, and travel insurance. Keep this in your carry-on bag. You must also stack your credit card away somewhere safe. Consider making copies of all these travel documents as this is very important. Store these copies in a different place from the original documents as a credible backup if the originals are lost.

The right clothing

Sarah Taylor, a senior safari expert at the African Adventure Company recommends packing minimally and lightweight. Bring along hiking boots and airy and comfortable clothes like shorts and sleeveless shirts for hot afternoon activities. Include a warm jacket, as the weather switches from hot to very cool in the afternoon and cold in the morning. Long-sleeved shirts and pants will come in handy in the evenings to keep you warm and protect you from mosquitoes. Prioritize packing a brimmed hat and sunglasses for protection from the harsh African sun. Visit to choose from a wide range of sunglasses options to take along with you on your adventure.

Electronic devices

Ultimately, choosing which devices to bring along with you comes down to a personal choice based on what you consider necessary. A general checklist of appliances to include in your packing plans contains your smartphone and a spare, your cameras and lenses, laptop, power bank, universal travel adaptor, and noise-cancelling headphones. Without a doubt, the most crucial device you will need for a fantastic safari experience is a good pair of binoculars. Consider investing much in a good one to keep on you at all times. Please be a little security conscious to prevent loss or theft of your gadgets. It is always prudent to have them in your carry-on bag and never in your luggage.

Toiletries and a First Aid bag

First Aid KitImage credit – Roger Brown

A good safari toiletry bag must first include your travel size sunscreen and moisturiser. Do not forget the basics also- soap, wet wipes, shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant. Although your destination may have first aid, it is always prudent to take along your emergency kit. Essential things to have in your kit include band-aids, paracetamol, anti-diarrhoea medication and insect-repellent spray.

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  1. Oh I would seriously love to go on a safari. What an amazing experience it would be. Thanks, Mich x

  2. Lots to think about there! How I would love to go on a safari right now! It feels like such a long time wince we had a holiday.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I never thought of carrying anti-diarrhoea medication. I can see how that can save a life.

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