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Balayage is a great and versatile style which is becoming more and more popular, even loved by the stars. Balayage is a French word to sweep away or to balayer or paint. Balayage, basically is an overall more natural ombré and highlighted style. It is a style that when done right can transform the hair into a truly beautiful look.

I was lucky enough to have my hair balayage-d. I went to Headmaster recently and they styled my hair in a very lovely balayage style.

The technique uses no foil and is applied directly on the surface of the hair. It is spread in pieces of the hair liberally as not to create a harsh or intense look.

I went for a copper colour rather than a more blonder look, as I think that eventually it will become lighter.

When you search a balayage, you can usually see it displayed in curly hair, but in my picture, my hair is predominantly straight.

balayage hair

I must say I love this style of colour application. It totally transforms my face by complimenting my skin tone, making it more bright and the hair vibrant.

The beauty of a good balayage is that it requires less maintenance, which is ideal for me. I love that it gives me a lovely colour without being overwhelming. A softness which compliments any skin tone. This is a technique that is here to stay and quite rightly loved by celebrities.

A great balayage artist and an inspirational hair designer, one that I would love to have my hair styled by, is Nicky Lazou, check here YouTube videos out on

I came across here style on one of my favourite YouTubers Kaushal Beauty who had her balayage done by Nicky. See how it turned out here.

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  1. samiya says:

    Oh I love balayage

    1. afshanesque says:

      @Samiya Yep, it looks so nice!

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