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Huda Beauty Minis

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Minis

Purchasing a mini is one way of trying a product, but when the mini’s come in a pack of four then it can be a way to save the pennies and also get to try a variety of products, in this case shades. I do love a “mini”, these in particular are so cute! They are designed so nice, in terms of the packaging, but also look so dinky, that it will be a hit with many.

I have always liked mini things ever since I was a child. I remember getting mini milk bottle pencils from a trip to Polka Theatre when I was young. Oh happy memories. I regress slightly. So these mini’s are also great for the small bags and clutches that fit minimal, you know the ones.

The mini’s come in four different shade ranges from nudes, browns, pink and reds. The shade I picked were the nudes. The ‘Nude Edition’ comes with the ‘Venus’, ‘Bombshell’, ‘Flirt’ and ‘Trendsetter’ shades.

I basically had heard the hype and wanted to try all of these. I don’t mind the formula, it is a bit tacky in the beginning, but is comfortable on the lips. I think the range are quite close in colour, but that may be because my lips are very pink. So the Bombshell doesn’t look as nice on me as it does on Huda! LOL, but she is a beauty.

All in all I do like these and bringing out minis is genius. I would say to brand that this is the way forward and definitely an idea to adopt. Well done Huda! Do you like Mini’s?

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Minis



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  1. I think it’s a great idea especially if you travel lotbor are the kind of girl who carries lipstick in your purse for touch ups. I’m not that girl but trying to be!

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