It’s So Lush!

Lush Haul

I recently went to Lush and got some fabulously smelling bath bombs.

There is such an array to choose from and some, well most really smell out of this world! The vast array of fragrant aromas invitingly greet you upon your arrival.  I love the smell of a Lush shop and if you have many, the same smell can be achieved in your bathroom.

Depending on preferences there is something for everyone. Not only bath bombs, but a choice of shower gels, masks, soaps and hair care, just some of the products on offer.

So back to my haul or shall I say shopping trip.  I bought the cutsy teddy bear which smells devine and not a bad price at £1.95 and is one of the cheaper bath bombs.

Next is the Candy Mountain which smells deliciously sweet and at £2.95, is not bad for the price either.

Lush Haul

The Comforter was just that and is well named. It smelled very berrylicious and I must say I enjoyed the way it crushed within my hands and a tad satisfying. I can’t explain it, it was comforting, like squeezing a stress ball. Only half of this is needed, producing masses of bubbles and can be just what the doctor ordered. This costs £4.95, but well worth it.

I also bought some Fun for my son! You can see this in my previous blog post – Fun by Lush!

I’d recommend a visit to Lush to see for yourself, they have some fantastic Christmas products.  Go on, you know you want to!

Lush Haul

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