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I recently went to the Bloggers Hub event held in the Kanaloa Club which incidentally was a great bar and venue to have a party! This was the first time I went to a food bloggers event and it was very interesting. Tasting food is anyone’s dream!

I met quite a few great companies who had some great food goodies to market.

There was an array of fruits, goodies, drinks and scrumptiousness.

I had some delicious foods and met some great people. Some fairly new and small brands and some more established.

My son particularly enjoyed the Nosh, which is a breakfast in a bottle, made with real fruits and oats that were chewy and flavoursome. The drink contained the following ingredients, quinoa, oats, greek yoghurt, fruit pieces and apple juice. Yummy! It contained some great advantages which meant that you would feel fuller for up to 10 hours and it wasn’t just a smoothie, but a ‘foothie’.

I particularly loved a delicious brownie from the Good Brownie company, which believe it not was wheat and gluten free. I tried the hazelnut brownie which was very moist and not too sweet. It was a pleasure to talk to the owner, he had so much passion for his product. David told me the way they started by offering free brownies and then people liking them and expanding the business from word of mouth, which was a great startup story. I was impressed that he was offered to have his brownies in Whole Foods but turned them down. I must admit, I thought that was a brave move!

I also met some very friendly people from Cocofina, with some great coconut based products. I was blown away with their helpfulness and friendliness. They gave me more products to try then anyone there and gave me a big bag to hold the food I was given, which was very kind and useful. I really liked the coconut bars and the organic mango and coconut snacks.

I met Sukrin who really looked interesting, they had some great types of flour; almond, coconut, sesame and peanut to make cakes or sweet treats. It looked good, but unfortunately there was nothing to try. They did say if I got in touch they would send some samples though.

I got some yummy olives too called Oloves. They produce and sell olives to over 14 countries and the olives contain just 50 calories per bag, which I must say is a great selling point, especially for those who look after their health. I particularly liked their business cards which had great designs and were very colourful.

I got a great spicy biscuit from the Speculaas spice company which was a nice snack. He had some tips on great recipes that the spices could be used with.

Glorious soups were also there. The soups are yummy and there is a good variety to choose from. To top it all off they are also low calories, so good for you too!

Chika’s was also there. What’s interesting about them is that they were recently on Dragons Den. They also sell in Whole Foods. The chickpea crisps were a new offering which I must admit tasted bland, but I did like their smoked almonds.

Other brands I saw were from Rapeseed oil from Borderfields, Koko; dairy free products, Darling; Gluten free snacks and crisps, Rosy Lee tea, Berrywhite; some organic fruit drinks and pack’d; which you can make great frozen smoothies with!

Hellofresh was also there which is an internet based service, where you can get fresh ingredients to your door that you can cook easily with. You’ve probably seen them on the tv.

All in all it was a very foodie and enjoyable event! Very different to the beauty ones that I usually attend.

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