Sebamed Clear Face


Sebamed quite kindly sent me a few samples (quite a lot actually) of their Clear Face range.  I tried their toner, facial soap and clear skin gel. I tried all three for a period of 28 days. The reassuring thing about this range is that it has low ph levels of 5.5, which will suit even those with sensitive skin.

The toner felt like it cleansed and was soothing, especially when my skin was irritated. The clear skin gel has a really nice consistency and made my skin feel smooth and hydrated. I think this would make an excellent primer too, just before foundation. The clear gel is also a must to use regularly to keep the skin moisturised and spots at bay.

The soap was also great and is really long lasting.  It isn’t too drying, plus it is non greasy as are the other products.

I recently used a cleansing system where a few spots came to the surface, so I was really lucky to have Sebamed to the rescue! My skin recovered with regular use of the products.

I was very glad to have tried Sebamed and will definitely be buying the products again, especially the Clear Skin Gel.

Hope you enjoyed this blog! You can buy your own here – Happy Shopping.

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