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MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Laquer
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The Perfect Red Lipstick

I wanted to get the perfect red lipstick for my skin tone and I have been loving the Sephora lip stain in 01 on many a You Tuber. Unfortunately, we can’t getย Sephora in the UK. So I was very envious at those who could get their hands on it stateside (or France, as I heard that you can get Sephora there too).

I was very happy to have tried the following MUA luxe velvet lip lacquer. I tried it on my hand first and thought maybe it was a bit light. The price is so good at ยฃ3 that I decided a risk had to be taken. I was very glad that I did, as when I wore it to a wedding recently I was very impressed.

The colour I bought was Reckless and here is what it looked like:



And here is the swatch:


Overall, I am really happy with the colour and happy that I didn’t spend too much on getting the perfect red for my lips! It is in my opinion a good dupe for the Sephora lip stain in 01.

This is the end result.



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a gift for you

A little effort goes a long way. A lovely gift bouquet can be achieved using a woven basket that you may have specially bought or just happen to have laying around ๐Ÿ˜‰ Line it with tissue paper and fill it with a few lovingly packed gifts.

I made my own bouquet recently for my new sister-in-law as a wedding gift. I added a case of makeup, a perfume gift pack, some minuture and choice makeup including some skincare products.

My lovely cousin Saadia kindly helped me pack the bouquet using flower wrapping or colourful cellophane topped with a great big bow!

The outcome was an amazing gift basket lovingly packed with thoughtfulness and not just shop bought. This also makes a unique gift.

All in all a gift that can be treasured.

A bouquet gift especially for you

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a Revolution

This is definitely a revolution in makeup. Whoever thought of the name was truely a genious in all marketing respects. So the makeup has to live up to its name and it does.

I have tried a few of makeup-revolution products and I must say I have been impressed. Not only for the quality, but also because of the price.

I love the highlighters and the eyeshadows. However, I have been the most impressed with the foil eyeshadows. When it comes to quality and price these are not far from their counterparts Stila’s foil eyeshadows. They are slightly different but I think for the price these eyeshadows are a great alternative and will save the pennies.

Makeup Revolution

These foil eyeshadows give great colour on the eyes and when combined with the single eyeshadows, it makes for sensational colour. So you can use these on their own for a sizzling shine or combine it with another colour to make a unique eye colour.

I must admit I was highly impressed with this formulation and for just ยฃ4 it is much more affordable than the Stila ones at ยฃ33.

All in all this a great foil eyeshadow not to be missed and a line that just can’t be ignored!

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Balayage is a great and versatile style which is becoming more and more popular, even loved by the stars. Balayage is a French word to sweep away or to balayer or paint. Balayage, basically is an overall more natural ombrรฉ and highlighted style. It is a style that when done right can transform the hair into a truly beautiful look.

I was lucky enough to have my hair balayage-d. I went to Headmaster recently and they styled my hair in a very lovely balayage style.

The technique uses no foil and is applied directly on the surface of the hair. It is spread in pieces of the hair liberally as not to create a harsh or intense look.

I went for a copper colour rather than a more blonder look, as I think that eventually it will become lighter.

When you search a balayage, you can usually see it displayed in curly hair, but in my picture, my hair is predominantly straight.

balayage hair

I must say I love this style of colour application. It totally transforms my face by complimenting my skin tone, making it more bright and the hair vibrant.

The beauty of a good balayage is that it requires less maintenance, which is ideal for me. I love that it gives me a lovely colour without being overwhelming. A softness which compliments any skin tone. This is a technique that is here to stay and quite rightly loved by celebrities.

A great balayage artist and an inspirational hair designer, one that I would love to have my hair styled by, is Nicky Lazou, check here YouTube videos out on

I came across here style on one of my favourite YouTubers Kaushal Beauty who had her balayage done by Nicky. See how it turned out here.

Look Fantastic Beauty Box
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Look Fantastic December Beauty box

I must say that this box has the most exciting products. This month is no exception.

For ยฃ15 you get six (in this case 7) great products that you wouldn’t get in say a magazine now or have done previously.

The products in the December box range from:

Pure Gold Collagen Drink. A food supplement that is said to improve the quality of the skin.

Bourjois green eye shadow which is bold on any occasion but would be ideal for the Christmas season and would compliment brown eyes (but would probably suit any eye colour) which is perfect for me.

Lord & Berry Polish Eye Pencil in Mirror Black. This is perfect for a smoky eye look or simply used in the water line and tight line to create a smouldering look!

Macadamia Healing Oil Infused Comb. This comb is interesting, as it just looks like a normal comb, yet it is infused with Macadamia Healing Oil. I tried this and it made my hair look shiny and silky, however I wasn’t aware of any oil. No oiliness means nicer looking hair.

Murad Essential-C Cleanser 45ml. It’s always nice to try a new cleanser and this one is no exception. It has a lovely fruity smell. I have always wanted to try a Murad product and thanks to Look Fantastic I have a chance to.

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel 15ml, I haven’t really used a peel for a long time, so it’ll be good to try and I look forward to see the results.

Ole Henriksenโ€™s Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil 15ml. I have heard rave reviews about this brand, particularly about the wipes. This is a spray that not only freshens the face but also hydrates the skin.

All in all I am really pleased with this month’s box and the products. It is definitely worth getting at ยฃ15, because the products exceed the price. And you don’t have to commit to monthly payments.

This box is also great to give as a gift. I also love the packaging, it is very classy and presented well. Very sexy. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bloggers Love Hub Event

I stumbled upon this bloggers event on Twitter while searching the keyword bloggers and was instantly intrigued and signed up. I was lucky enough to be invited and am thankful to the organisers of the Bloggers Love as I had a really good time and met some wonderful people.

Unfortunately I was also suffering from severe toothache, so very nearly didn’t attend, but I persevered and it was well worth it!


The venue was also very excitingly exotic hosted at the Kanaloa club in Chancery Lane – lovely people, models and cocktails!

The line up was good and the very first exhibitor or person I met was from Slendertone. It was really interesting to have a chat about the fantastic products that they sell. I particularly was interested in the Slendertone for Abs and Bottom.

I met some other great exhibitors including Nadia Minkoff who kindly showed me some of her great accessories that are due out in April. Some of her purses were so beautiful that I liked them immediately and wanted. I also got some great pieces in a goody bag from Nadia, thank you so much. ๐Ÿ™‚


I was throughly pampered on the evening, I had my nails done by the lovely Toop & Daley ladies.


I also had my hair done by a lovely stylist from Umberto Giannini. I was given great advice, a fantastic hair style and some free products in a stylish silver bag.


I enjoyed a great and delicious juice drink with health benefits and collagen for the skin from Biocorrex.

Also met a lovely lady who gave me her beauty face mask to try. I will let you know how it goes…

I partook in some fun needle work on a notebook of all things at the DIY booth hosted by Erin and Skye from Eight & Sixteen. I also met the lovely Victoria, the founder of My Little Black Book with a service that offers young women advice and choices.

The brand I was most excited to meet, as this is the industry I work in is the online brand Vernez. An app where you can choose clothing you are interested in and assemble the perfect outfit. The fun thing about the app is that you can upload your picture and create a great outfit of the day or OOTDs.

All in all it was a fabulous event with a lot of lovely bloggers, brands, fashion shows (Apricot Clothing) and lovely gifts. I came away with a fantastic haul and can’t wait for the next event!

What's in my bag
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What’s in my handbag

So seeing what’s in my handbag seems to be the in thing. Just take a look atย whatsinmyhandbag.comย to see what the hype is all about and what’s in other people’s bags. Go on, you know you want to! You might even find things you may want to includeย in your own handbag.

So here comes the key product; the handbag and the most important accessory you can have. It provides a haven for your belongings and an accompaniment to any outfit and ultimate fashion accessory.

My handbag is a beautiful Radley bag which was a present from my sister-in-law for my birthday, so it’s even more special. It is not only sleek but also comes with lots of pockets and storage space.

So now here’s what’s in my handbag:

My diary, bought from Boots which I must admit is a bit girlie, but nonetheless I like it for the cute illustrations. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also like the fact that it has a separate month at glance page, so that I can record important dates.

I have my foundation, which is a convenient trial size from Maybelline, small enough for the handbag. See my full review here.

Other usual items include a black mini makeup bag, Rimmel Provocalips, Little Mix palette, Rimmel Matt powder, some brushes and a few lip products.

I also have my pass, work Blackberry, keys, lip liner and a refillable travel atomiser spray. All perfect for when travelling and on the move.

So… What’s in your bag?

N.B. Did you notice that some of the contents of my handbag are my footer?

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