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a Revolution

This is definitely a revolution in makeup. Whoever thought of the name was truely a genious in all marketing respects. So the makeup has to live up to its name and it does.

I have tried a few of makeup-revolution products and I must say I have been impressed. Not only for the quality, but also because of the price.

I love the highlighters and the eyeshadows. However, I have been the most impressed with the foil eyeshadows. When it comes to quality and price these are not far from their counterparts Stila’s foil eyeshadows. They are slightly different but I think for the price these eyeshadows are a great alternative and will save the pennies.

Makeup Revolution

These foil eyeshadows give great colour on the eyes and when combined with the single eyeshadows, it makes for sensational colour. So you can use these on their own for a sizzling shine or combine it with another colour to make a unique eye colour.

I must admit I was highly impressed with this formulation and for just £4 it is much more affordable than the Stila ones at £33.

All in all this a great foil eyeshadow not to be missed and a line that just can’t be ignored!

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