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Christmas with Moonpig

Moonpig Christmas Santa

I recently went to a very special event and do you know what – it was Christmas themed! So a very festive event indeed. It was with MoonPig; the card specialists.


* Disclaimer this experience was gifted.

But do you know what? They don’t just specialise in cards, but some very exciting products,
including flower parcels that can be delivered right to your door!

They have all sorts of gifts to choose from and also balloons for every occasion. What’s great about the products is that some can be delivered straight through the letterbox.

mocktails and cards

Did you also know that 1 in 3 people have bought a card from Moonpig. Even I didn’t know that. ūüôā

The beauty of having a personalised card is so special, not only is it a beautiful way to express your love and kindness, but also shows thought and care.

A personalised card is also less likely to be thrown away and will be cherished for life!

So we started the evening off at the very Stylish headquarters of Moonpig and I must say that they were very plush and rather homely. A fire (fake, but gave that real cosy vibe) was burning and some surrounding feel-good products from the company, cards and gifts, including Frozen.

There was food and delicious cocktails/mocktails to start the party off and I must say the mocktail was delicious (see photo above).

Moonpig HQ would make a very excellent working environment. I would love to work there! LOL.

Christmas with Moonpig

The CEO of Moonpig gave us a talk on the company ethos, as well as a background on Moonpig and how they started; it was very insightful and interesting.

Moonpig was all festively decorated with many areas. The first being the crafting table or the first event of the evening which we did in groups.

Photography: Moonpig Christmas Blogger Event

The first workshop, was a real enjoyable experience. A lady loves a few things in life, one is of course diamonds and the other is flowers. I love receiving flowers, so the Moonpig flower service would be perfect for me.

We unboxed the lovely Moonpig letterbox flowers, which were amazing. There were two choices within the boxes for us, however on the site they have an array of beautiful bouquets to choose from.

Moonpig Flowers

Photography: Moonpig Christmas Blogger Event

I had tulips in my box, both red and purple ones. So the first task was to choose three pots and to arrange some small bouquets and foliage within the flower pots. I also cheekily asked if I could swap my bigger jar with the rose arrangement that was pre-made, that way I had the best of both worlds.

Moonpig Tulips

I do love the flowers that come in jam jars, so I was in my element. I didn’t know I had green fingers either, as arranging the flowers in the jars was so much fun and the after results spoke for themselves.

Photography: Moonpig Christmas Blogger Event

The lovely ladies at Moonpig allowed us to take the flowers home, which was so generous of them and also because they are so beautiful. I love flowers around the house, so these are ideal. I am trying to preserve them, by spraying them with hairspray, so I can keep them forever, so fingers crossed.

Moonpig Roses


Moonpig Roses

The photo below shows the flowers a week later, so it can be seen that these can be preserved, especially the rosed flowers.


The next task was also a fun one, cocktail making. I attempted the first cocktail, but instead of alcohol I used apple juice, as I don’t drink.

The drink was made using lime, gingerbread syrup, fresh mint, apple juice, a bit of soda water and some ice. The cocktail or cocktail was rather sweet, but not to my taste really. I think I would add elderflower cordial instead.


The kitchen area was really warm and inviting and I spied some Magimix blenders, which apparently they use to make team smoothy’s.

Santa was also there to join us in the Christmas festivities. So the last task was related. We had our pictures taken and uploaded them to the Moonpig site and choose the photo for a card for our loved ones. The website is really easy to use and the card can be posted via the website. I can’t wait to show you mine.

Moonpig Christmas Blogger Even

We took some cheeky photos with Santa and then we were given a really nice present to take away for Christmas.


I had a really fabulous time, lots of fun, flower arranging and some lovely gifts to take away. I thank Moonpig with my heart for this opportunity and for inviting me. #HeartfeltwithMoonpig

What will you be buying? Do check their website for more ideal gifts!

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  1. This looks like a lovely event. I am one of those 1 in 3 people who have bought a card from Moonpig!
    I love their cards, they’re so fun and such great quality.


    It sounds like you had a lovely time with Moonpig. I quite enjoy flower arranging. I don’t do it often but it can be quite relaxing and I love to see the end result.

  3. It sounds like you had a great time, I love Moonpig and have literally just ordered a card from them.

  4. Looks like you had a great time with them . I can honestly say moonpig have saved the day on some emergency birthdays and Xmas time!

  5. rhianwestbury says:

    I love going for personalised cards so you can get it to say exactly what you want. Those flowers look gorgeous x

  6. What a fantastic time you must have had at the MoonPig event! Looks like it was a great networking event as well.I love moonpig and do get things ordered from them such as cards so know what great quality products they offer.

  7. Rebecca Smith says:

    This sounds like such a fun event! Moonpig is one of our favourite brands, we buy a lot from them.

  8. This sounds like a fantastic event, it certainly sounds like you had lots of fun! I have ordered a few Moonpig cards myself and I am always impressed with the quality. I had no idea they had so many gift options though, will definitely go check their gift range out a little more!

  9. Oh wow what a super fun event. I love how you can personalise the cards…such a nice touch xx

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